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Oscar Bile (Article) - 1/26/2012 7:04:05 AM

The big issue is that big blockbuster movies are generally being shut out of real contention because they had a big budget, because they made big money, and because they catter to the masses rather than the elite few. There have been instances where sci-fi, fantasy movies received multiple Oscar nominations (Aliens had 7 of them, Avatar had 9, The Lord of the Rings trilogy had 30 of them).  But for a movie of this type (sci-fi, fantasy) to bring the best movie award home, it would mean that the academy recognizes that those movies (to name but a few) changed the way movies were done. I guess that Avatar, with its simplistic story but game-changing camera work, visual effects, technology trend setter, were not enough to sway the opinions of the top brass.

Dont get me wrong, many movies get the nominations or awards they deserve but when a movie like Black Swan gets nomimated for best movie, that really shows the lack of openess to other mores deserving movies that fall in the 'sci-fi, action, adventure, fantasy' categories. The Kings Speech truly was a great movie so it was a well deserved win (thank goodness).

We need another win in this category to complement The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Lets hope Prometheus lives up to the hype.


Torchwood: Miracle Day Review (Article) - 7/11/2011 7:58:51 PM

I must say I love reading all your reviews Rob (wether I agree with them or not), I'm happy you tuned in to watch and give it a try. Knowing that the show is a multi episode show, you really should be giving the subsequent shows a try to see where this leads and how it all fits. I know many people who dropped Lost after the first show because, 'it wasnt really going anywhere'. I myself was curious and toughed it out, to my utter satisfaction. To be fair, the grade was spot on (knowing what they have done in the series in the past, this is a luke warm return).

In terms of what the show has brought, maybe a little knowledge of the gems of the show could help you understand why we are eager to see this show return? Starting to watch the show now is like me trying to watch Fringe now: I'm sure its a great show, I just cant get into it without knowing what has happened previously and what drives each character. I couldnt give it a fair review without it.

Some important elements: Jack is mortal again (he cant be, he's the Face of Beau!!). Gwen looks like she's the new Ripley, not the shy little girl from the first season. Not all bad things happen in Cardiff (eh eh eh). I was happy to see Jack and Gwen return but what intrigues me most is how they will behave without the actual Torchwood Institute support and without Jack's travelling device.

Granted, it wasnt as Earth shattering start as some other seasons have been but give it time. Russell Davies has yet to disappoint with his Doctor Who and Torchwood stories, i think we will see another fine season from the UK.

On the down side, i dont like the character of Rex Matheson and his rapid travel. He seems to get better when he gets off the plane, then collapses at Gwen's doorstep, only to recover in the jeep. I chalk that up to a lot to say/do in little time. Hopefully this will not be a trend. I also like Oswald Danes, I'm curious how he will fit into all of this.

I think that the season will get much better and, if you tough it out Rob, that you might even give it an A before the season is over.

Saying Good-Bye to Doctor Who (Article) - 8/2/2009 7:48:02 PM

No one has brought this up yet but since the Doctor now has a daughter that can, and did regenerate, they could use her as a conduit to extend his cycle or find a way to tap into the whole regeneration field and establish a new limit or reset the count.

In my mind, it stays true to the cannon of the Doctor's story and provides a new twist on the regeneration/Time Lords being blown out of existence.

I feel they'll be back too in some form or another in the near future. Maybe not the whole group but enough to warrant a large scale return of the different living actors of the Doctor. They could technically exist in the same time and speak to one another as they are different iterations of the same being but with sometimes vague memories of their past.

This is what makes the show great. They've kept the fans guessing for so long about his past but in a fantastic way.

Smell my face! (Blog Post) - 4/2/2007 10:48:54 PM

I personally enjoyed reading KJ's take. It made for interesting reading in the comments that followed but that's the reason for it: to create controversy and discussion. By attacking KJ and not his comments with fact (which I think we should all do), some of you are proving your lack of capability in compiling a thoughtful comment and simply stooping to simplistic personal attacks. And for those of you that agree with Kurt Russell (an actor that I actually like) and are upset that Butler is not American, here's food for thought: British Christian Bale was Bruce Wayne; Gary Oldman was Jim Gordon; Australian Hugh Jackman was Wolverine; British Jamie Bamber is Apollo. I'm not sure I miss the incoherent and juvenile comments but I sure miss the disagreement that KJ's take was sure to spark. Comments are now more tame and less lively than they were before so I say bring back KJ's take.

"Day Break: What If They Find Him?" (Article) - 12/15/2006 5:32:25 PM

I must agree with your assessment. I thought the idea was average so was afraid they would mess it up. To my surprise, they took it and ran with it in a great way! The show has twists and turns but tends to resolve them from show to show. Its a great concept and very well done. The actors are great, the rhythm and pace of the show is so good that I'm dreading this show ending and Lost coming back. Lost was good but its starting to drag. Day Break doesn't suffer from this. Lets hope ABC can recover this show and make it the hit it actually is. I want to see it resolved, it would be cheap from ABC to leave us hanging. Then again it seems to be the norm with a good show...


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