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GHOSTBUSTERS 3 in 2011? (Article) - 12/31/2009 1:22:57 AM

Bring in Sam Rockwell!! :)

SPIDER-MAN 4 Villain Revealed (Article) - 11/9/2009 11:37:10 AM

although I like Black Cat I was really hoping for a Kraven/Lizard story

SPIDER-MAN 4 Director Loves The Lizard (Article) - 10/14/2009 2:26:19 AM

Lizard & Kraven based on"Kraven's Last Hunt"  'nuff said! :)

Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/10/2009 1:31:58 AM


Something that really could work as mentioned before is a Lizard/Kraven story. Kraven is hired to kill the mysterious Lizard coming from the sewers ,that would be great! They could base this on the comicstory "Kraven's Last Hunt" just replace Vermin with Lizard.  Either that or Mysterio :)

Unspecified Title (Article) - 3/15/2009 4:37:57 PM

It would be great if they used the Kraven-saga in the next film, they could replace the creature Vermin with the Lizard. That would be something to watch :) Kraven burying Spiderman alive :)

Raimi Wants Maguire for SPIDER-MAN 4 (Article) - 11/29/2007 5:56:42 AM

Now thats a really good idea for a story supercollector!!! They could use the Kraven saga from the comics(where kraven buries spiderman alive), just replace Vermin with the Lizard!

Unspecified Title (Article) - 7/2/2007 4:05:32 AM

Great review! Can't wait for live action movies made from Thundercats, M.A.S.K or He-man. Or the animes Space adventure Cobra or Starzinger/Spacekeeters


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