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Rumor: Nolan for Justice League?

Snyder to Direct, Nolan to Produce?

By Robert T. Trate     March 05, 2013
Source: Latino Review

With news of this magnitude starts circulating I like to way few hours or even day before posting. It could all be rumors or an interview taken the wrong the way. Latino Review had an exclusive story that Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Trilogy) will now produce The Justice League movie and Zack Snyder (Man of Steel) will direct. 

Latino Review is also reporting that “Christopher Nolan has completely taken over the DCU at Warner Bros. Anything having to do with these super heroes, goes through him now.”

While this news makes some fan cheer and other fans cringe it is still just a rumor. Weeks ago ago Latino Review’s El Mayimbe reported that Harrison Ford was joining the new Star Wars film. Yet this news has not be officially confirmed by Lucasfilm or its parent company Walt Disney. 

Latino Review backs up their claims by saying remember: “Our track record with DC is impeccable. We broke Routh/Superman, Ledger/The Joker, the opening of The Dark Knight, etc., just to name a few”. 

Again, nothing official from Warner Brothers has been stated.

Judgement on Man of Steel has to be reserved until its debut. That opening weekend will dictate the future of the Justice League movie.

Man of Steel arrives June 14, 2014. 


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jackwagon 3/5/2013 7:46:03 AM

Is there a reason why a World's Finest film isn't in the plans at WB/DC?  Seems to me that would be much more successful and a much smaller risk than doing Justice League.  The two principle heroes would already be introduced in the general public, and they're both heroes familiar to mass audiences.  I always though Wolfgang Peterson's potential take on World's Finest would have been an awesome movie, and now it could be workable.  Making Justice League strikes me as a much bigger financial risk for WB/DC than World's Finest would.

DarthBob 3/5/2013 8:01:30 AM

@jackwagon...I agree; World's Finest is the way to go in order to build up to a JL movie.

I have heard that Nolan, Snyder and Snyder's wife are involved but nothing has been greenlit so everything reported is pure speculation.  Also, the same guy at LR who claims to have scooped Marvel's plan for a Planet Hulk movie, debunked by AICN, is the same guy claiming to scoop here.

If this guy is so great with getting the scoop on movies 3, 4 and 5 years down the road then where are his scoops for MOS and IM3 which are right around the corner?  I think he's a little full of hot air.  I won't believe anything about a JL movie until MOS hits theatres.  If it is successful then WB/DC will greenlight JL and go into pre-production.

monkeyfoot 3/5/2013 8:09:03 AM

Yes on a World's Finest movie with a re-booted Bruce Wayne Batman! It seems so obvious as a next step for DC/Warners I don't know why it is already offically announced.

And I want David S. Goyer as regular exec/writer in charge of all DC projects, similar to Joss Whedon on Marvel.

spiderhero 3/5/2013 9:09:54 AM

Snyder doing JL would almost make the movie a pass for me. Snyder is like michael Bay: Good with action, crappy, crappy, crappy on characters.

violator14 3/5/2013 9:36:16 AM

 spiderhero- LMAO. You are gonna eat your own words so badly. Ya, a dude with a Superman dog as his avatar is gonna pass on a Justice League movie....... And im gonna pass on the next Spawn movie.

momitchell7 3/5/2013 9:52:18 AM

The only questionable movie that Snyder has ever done IMO is Sucker Punch and even he basically admitted that was just a guilty pleasure that he needed to get out of his system. I have loved all of his other movies and I even enjoyed Sucker Punch.

I am very much looking forward to see what the collaboration of Nolan and Snyder comes up with in this Superman film.

shac2846 3/5/2013 9:59:36 AM

 This guy at latino review has gotten some things wrong but he also has had some credible scoops in the past. He broke the first x-men movie script and he was the first to review the green lantern script which turned out to be the exact plot of the movie. This guys past scoops are one of the reasons other sites are reporting this they are just using the disclaimer or rumor at this point.

Granted some parts of this could be true and then again none of it could be true but with warner brothers scrapping their latest JL script by Will Beale it would not surprise me at all if WB had reached out to Nolan/Snyder to at least write the outline for the JL movie and produce. Nolan is a proven hit maker and that success will likely continue with MOS so it makes sense.

SarcasticCaveman 3/5/2013 10:17:32 AM

 I have to think that this news, if it's true, will only help Warner Brothers make a cohesive DCU on the big screen, but from what I've heard from DC fans, it's not the universe they want.  Most seem to think that Nolan's Batman trilogy was too realistic, and are fearful that Man of Steel will be too dark and gritty.  Not being a DC fan in general, I say bring it because a good story is a good story...that said, I am also wondering why they're not starting with a World's Finest movie.  Seems like a natural step on the way to a solid team movie.

ElBaz13 3/5/2013 10:17:33 AM

This guy also said the Planet Hulk movie is slated for Phase 3 of Marvel movies. Now debunked by Harry Knowles and Joss Whedon himself.

But...I could also see this partially true since DC/WB is desperate right now and locking those two can guarantee some really good coin in return.

Nolan just has some serious explaining to do to undo his TDKR ending or even retcon. Wayne, even though can come back, is no longer rich. No Wayne Manor. Plus there is the whole idea of godlike beings in this DCU that were absent went Bane was holding Gotham hostage for months. Supes would have had time to kick Bane's ass, chuck the nuke at the Sun and fly to the far east and pull Bruce Wayne out of the pit before he made a fool of himself climbing up. :)




lazarus 3/5/2013 11:34:22 AM

Yeah exactly, as Some Random Guy put it, "oh yeah and thanks for you help with that whole nuke thing, it just kinda took care of itself." LOL.

Yeah bringing back Bale and continuing the Nolan Bat verse makes NO sense. All the money is gone, Wayne tech is GONE (remember he basically bankrupted the company and signed what was left over to Amanda Tate who is RAS'S DAUGHTER), and the cave is now under a mansion full of orphans. Yeah .....NO. Not going to happen.

Start a new Batverse where Bats is in the same universe as Kryptonians, Amazons, and Atlantians (no not people from Atlanta stupid). Start slow and be methodical like Marvel, DC, it works and it will make the fans VERY happy. And for god's sake, do NOT bring back Berry as Catwoman.

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