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WB Confirms JUSTICE LEAGUE On Hold (Article) - 1/17/2008 3:32:52 PM

Agree 100% with scytheofluna. Whoever is casting this movie should be hung by his testicles from a ceiling fan turned on high. This is JUSTICE LEAGUE! Not the friggin O.C. with cape and tights! p.s. MIKE HEARN for Superman!!!

Unspecified Title (Article) - 1/17/2008 3:18:56 PM

Joeybaloney... Check out Talk Dirty to Me 4 Basically it's a rip on "Splash" with lots of sex!

Unspecified Title (Article) - 1/16/2008 6:38:57 PM

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, Traci Lords and Katie Morgan? HELL TO THE YEAH!!

Director Singleton Talks About A-TEAM (Article) - 1/15/2008 9:12:49 PM

Hey...I just thought of another actor who would be perfect as BA, Tommy 'Tiny ' Lister (Friday, 1995)

Uwe Boll Responds to DUNGEON SIEGE Bombing (Article) - 1/15/2008 6:34:06 AM

Re:#7: "And what the hell was Turkish thinking?" What about Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds,Mathew Lillard,Ron Perlman,Jon-Rhys-Davies and Leelee Sobieski! Ray Liotaa?? WTF?? ANd didn't Kristanna Loken learn anything from Bloodrayne??

Unspecified Title (Article) - 1/12/2008 11:00:00 AM

How about Josh Halloway, 'Sawyer' from Lost as Creed??

Cube Wants a 'Hardcore' A-TEAM Movie (Article) - 1/12/2008 10:56:31 AM

Joebaloney... Thanks for the support but unfortunatey can't see Don Cheadle as Hannibal...sorry. Has to be someone who can fill George Peppard's shoes. Tough,charismatic,smarmy.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 1/12/2008 10:37:14 AM

MIKE HEARN should be Superman. He already played the Man of Steel i in the Sandy Collora Short film/fan trailer "Worlds Finest"

Unspecified Title (Article) - 1/12/2008 10:14:31 AM

Really odd casting indeed. WHY is Liev Schreiber being cast as Creed?? Makes no sense! Who made this decision? He, or She obviously never saw Sabretooth in an X-Men or Wolverine Comic.

Cube Wants a 'Hardcore' A-TEAM Movie (Article) - 1/12/2008 10:06:35 AM

"Col. Decker was most remembered "chaser" so he should be in it and should be played by Tommy Lee Jones or William Devane or, in an interesting twist, Dirk Benedict..." JFDAVIS...William Devane,ok. I was thinking someone a little angrier, more gruff.Military minded with a single objective/ capture the A-team. William Devane seems too...nice or friendly.Decker should be menacing. Bruce Campbell is too old (Sorry, Bruce!) to play Face. He would be better as Hannibal...he should lose a little weight first.He's gotten kinda pudgy. TIM ROTH is Murdock...hands down!


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