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Best Writer in Hollywood.

8/26/2009 5:39:05 AM permalink

I'm not trying to get too in depth with this seeing as I'm just getting home at seven in the morning after a night of hard drinking and other stuff - can you believe I have plans to do it again starting at three in the afternoon?. 

Anyway I want to know who you all think is the best writer in Hollywood.  I have two and I can't really decide who is best.  My picks are Jonathan Nolan and Guillermao Del Toro.

I mean Nolan has wrote some phenomenal movies that are totally outside of the conventional Hollywood colored lines.  I mean we have Memento and Prestige which are unlike any movies put out.  Some people hate them but...Actually, I have no but for them.  I can't see why anybody would not like the movies he wrote.  Recently I heard about a movie called Interstellar that he's writing and it seems awesome.  Read about it because it's too complicated for me to explain.

Then we have Del Toro who has wrote and directed amazing movies such as Mimic, Cronos, The Devil's Back Bone (my favorite ghost movie), Hellboy, Pan's Labryinth (one of my favorite movies),  All of them excluding maybe Hellboy, which I didn't like all that much but it was alright.  I mean he breaks conventions, as well.  Not to mention he co-wrote a book with Chuck Hogan called The Strain which is awesome and it's just part one of a trilogy.  And just in case you didn't know the only reason that he had Hogan help write the book is because he wanted to the book to be as realistic as possible considering the subject matter and Hogan is good at, scientific and technoloical realistic stuff.  That's the layman's terms for what he really said. Like I said I'm drunk and can't remember what he exactly said word for word.

Anyway those are my picks..what are yours and why?  I'll probably get more into it as I get replies and I'm more sober but I was wondering what my fellow Maniacs think of the best writers in Hollywood.  This coming from the guy who wants to be a writer but my problems in life keep bringing me down.  I know I can do it, hell, I won the contest for the Midnight Meat Train for a synopsis of a movie that I've already wrote five chapters for.

Hope to hear from you.

Peace, Knuckas

Larry Hill

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God of War 3 Trailer Finally

12/15/2008 2:17:44 PM permalink

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This is going to be so sick.  Don't know if video will work.  But it's on Youtube.

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12/2/2008 8:05:24 PM permalink

So, what does everybody think about Fringe?  It keeps on taking pretty significant twists.  Especially the one from tonight, Dec. 2nd.  Hm, very interesting.  Hell, the same for Termnator.  As for Heroes.  Oh, my God.  I was giving it the benefit of the doubt but now I'm with most people who've said it is just plain stupid now.  What happened?

I was going to go in more detail but I'm cold.  I know, it doesn't make sense but to me it does.

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