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Skyfall Website Launches (Article) - 1/2/2012 4:46:30 PM

Can't wait for this movie to arrive!!

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Teaser Trailer (Article) - 12/13/2011 2:16:31 PM

Trailer looked great.....AWESOME......YO JOE!!!  And I thought Vosloo was back too he is just in disguise as the President.  so if they killoff most of the "old GIJOE team" we get new ones right??  I mean there are sooo many characters to use ICEBERG, WILD BILL, GUNG-HO, LOW-LIGHT, THUNDER, BLOWTORCH and hey while we are at it how about the OCTOBER GUARD TOO!! 

Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already Review (Article) - 11/28/2011 10:53:19 AM

I love all the comments on this show from each one of you.....nice to see that everyone in this country has not adopted the "herd of sheep or maybe the zombie herd" mentality.  Now I did not read any of the comice before I stated watching the show but I am reading them now (I just finished the 1st TPB and it was good and the ending was shocking becaus ethe show is so different!!)  That being said I can enjoy both of them.  In the past decade we all have seen comics, old tv shows etc being remade or reimagined or whatever else Hollywood is going to call it and some have been huge hits and some have been steaming piles of rotten turducken!!  But to each his own right!!  We can all find things in these "reimagined" movies, tv shows etc to like and dislike.  Personally I have enjoyed my particular brand of "reimagined" stuff (Transformers; GIJOE; STAR TREK; Mission Impossible; X-Men & BSG just to name a few) but I have also hated some others that I do not follow as closely (Green Lantern; The A-Team; Superman Returns to name a few more)

So what am I saying here......lets keep the debate(s) rolling here and on other sites because clearly movie suits are paying attention to what is being said here among the fans.  The day they stop listening to us or at least read what we are talking about is the day we all will die a little more inside becasue then we will not get anything that we want on tv or in the movies!! 

As far as TWD last nite it was AWESOME!!  Shane is my new anti-hero and if I were him and Rick old Herschel would have to go along with my plan (put down all the walkers in the barn....can you kill a zombie since its already dead??  NO!!)  accept us on "the farm" as equals and get as many supplies as possible there and set up some kind of perimeter defense or you will just have to be killed!!  This is a frakkin ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE here!!!  If you are not going to get with that then get out of mine and Shane's way!!  LOL!!!!!



Kodjoe Confirms RE Return (Article) - 9/14/2011 1:33:44 PM

Wolfman X >>>>>> you have hit it right on the head with your comment.  If these movies are sooooo terrible then why are we up to #5!?!  Look sometimes I want to sit and watch "Lawrence of Arabia" and sometimes I want to watch "Deep Blue Sea".  It all depends on my mood and I can accept a movie for what it is.  Obviously I am a Transformers fan and I have loved all three movies because I got to see what I wanted to see.  Its my money and if the studio can get me to part with it so be it!!!    

10 Best Star Trek Moments (Article) - 7/27/2011 3:47:17 PM

GSSCHAN2000....... now that was just AWESOME but we are talking about actual footage and not just the end credits.  LOL LOL LOL


Darabont Exits Walking Dead (Article) - 7/27/2011 3:19:57 PM

I am not liking this information on the best show on TV that i am watching.  Didn't they also get rid of the writes for season 1 also???  I still can't wait for 10/16/11 so we can see the new season.  Gotta update my zombie survival kit ASAP!!!

10 Terrific Transformers Toys (Article) - 6/24/2011 7:37:47 AM

Good list of Transformers.....not in the order I would have put them though.  My first Transformers were Jazz, Soundwave, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper!!  Optimus Prime, Megatron and Shockwave followed these at Christmas.  1984 was a great year for me Transformer wise......still have not topped this haul even as an adult!!   

Mackie Looks at World War Z (Article) - 5/2/2011 8:36:41 AM

Not sure who this actor is either but any news on a World War Z movie is good news.  And Wiseguy do let us know what you think of the book because it will be interesting to see how they adapt the movie from the book.  Rheul_home I would like to know what you think as well......How are they going to turn this book into a movie??    

First Look: Shark Night 3D (Article) - 4/18/2011 6:36:41 AM

Ok 1st where did the anti-shark cage come from??  2nd people who live near rivers have anti-shark cages handy??  3rd how is she supposed to get away??  Through that big hole in the camera side of the cage??  WTF!!!  I will not be seeing this movie at the movies this fall!! 

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 1 (Article) - 4/12/2011 3:40:55 PM

I have to agree with horcruxx above......THIS IS WHAT MK SHOULD BE LIKE!!!  An R rated movie set in a more realistic world.  The original movie was fine but the sequel was total crap.  This kind of movie could and should be what we want from this franchise.  It has been around long enough and this feels like something everyone could get behind.  Maybe throw in the Rock, Stone Cold, Vinne Jones and some more like them and this thing would Kick ass!!!  I will be looking for the rest of these in the future!!!


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