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11/14/2008 2:09:40 AM permalink

HELLO THERE ONE AND ALL! [CAP LOCK OFF] I don't know if you people remember this but awhile back when the strike happened, I went on record, as to, how I was against it and that all it would succeed in doing was to get cancelled, all the new genre shows that suddenly popped up in the wake of Lost. [END OF RUN ON SENTENCE] Most of you were in favor of the strike and said things like “Writers you get yours! Writers you do you!” And other “outdated by the time I finish writing this” slang terms! I said that by the time they finally came back with new episodes no one would care anymore! When I said that this would hurt the genre shows’ ratings most of you scoffed. Yet now that all the genre shows ratings are dropping like a Led Zepplin, Trampled Under Foot! WELL WHO IS LAUGHING NOW! Little hint: IT”S ME! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was right you were wrong! Deal with it!

Ok I’m not actually laughing because I actually liked some of these shows like Chuck and Heroes etc.(HEARTBREAKER, but Hey what can I do about it!) ) But I WAS RIGHT! THEY F*CKED THEMSELVES OUT A JOB FOR BEING STUPID! SO where’s my apology! It may seem petty but I am a very petty person and I DEMAND AN APOLOGY, POST HASTE! You’ll get NO QUARTER FROM ME BUB so just admit it! ...I’m waiting... Comeon I don’t have all day! ....Oh who am I kidding no one reads these blogs anyway (Freakin’ Communication Breakdown! :( ) except maybe for STARLIGHTGUARD! SHOUT TO STARLIGHTGUARD for wasting his time reading this! Oh and SHOUTOUT TO THE HILLSTREET BLUE BOYS! Boys, Let's Be Careful Out There! I think I’ll just ended it here before I RAMBLE ON!-NotAFan

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Life on Mars!

8/21/2008 3:49:08 PM permalink

What is imagination? WHat is creativity? For that matter what is existence? There is no denying that we exist or do we at all? Philosophy is bull$#! anyway and so is science! I want to believe in magic but there is no such thing! WHat is there to believe in anymore?  Which religion is the right one? What if it is none of them? Is there a god? Is there more than one?  THey found water on Mars! SO what that's mean? Is there life on mars and if so do we really want to find out? What if it is some giant alien Starship Trooper Bugs? Well I for one want to welcome our new alien insect overlords! Welcome and please don't eat me! Is there a heaven? Is there a hell for that matter? Am I  going to hell? Are you? One day Earth will cease to exist! It's a fact look it up! It will take Millions of years, but still it creeps me out! Are you scared? Should we be scared? All the bees are disappearing! What does it mean? What can we do? How will we grow food? Scientists keep trying to build robobts that are human! What if they succeed? Will they be a boone to humanity? Will they kill us?  Are we doomed to extinction? AAAH what do we know anyway? I don't have any answers I only ask the questions!-NOTAFAN

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See I Was RIght!

8/8/2008 6:57:43 PM permalink

It's been about a week and only like 5 people read my blog and 1 of them work here. So is blogging here even worth the trouble, if no ones gonna read them?....

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8/2/2008 9:33:18 PM permalink

Hello, there my peoples. I have a legimate question. Does anyone still read blogs on this site? If so how many? There have been many times that I wanted to "blog" something but didn't bother cuz I figured nobodys reading it anyway. So just as a test, if you read this please leave a comment or bang this. I'm really interested to find out how many people still read these things. Thank you for your time.

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Igor (Eye-gor): NotAFan's The Life and Death of Igor (Eye-gor)

6/2/2008 10:50:12 PM permalink

Hello there peoples and non-peoples alike. I've dusted off the old blog 'cuz I decided to write my own script about Igor and wanted it to share it with you all. Thankyou to StarlightGuard for the inspiration, you are my hero. A special thanks to my personal dog groomer Jacques, I couldn't have done it without you. I'd also like to thank the aztec god Quetzalcoatl, who makes all things possible. In closing let me say this:  Jenga we did it baby we did it. And so without further ado I present in it’s entirety NotAFan’s The Life and Death of Igor (Eye-gor):

Frankenstein Monster: Look at the F***in' Hunchback of Notredame over here.
IGOR: Why don't you go f*** yourself, Franky?
[everyone laughs]
Dr. Frankenstein: Whoa! I don't believe what I'm hearing. Check out the b@!!$ on this kid. Hey Igor, this is for you. [tosses money on the table] That's the way. You don't take no sh! from nobody. Franky, you gonna let him get away with that? What's the matter with you? What's the world comin' to?
[Frankenstein Monster pulls out a gun and shoots Igor]
Frankenstein Monster: That's what the f***ing world is comin' to.
Dr. Frankenstein: What is the matter with you, huh? What is the f***ing matter with you?! What are you, a f***ing sick maniac or something?! Franky, I'm kidding with you.
Frankenstein Monster: Kidding? How am I meant to know you're kidding? You're breaking my f***ing b@!!$.
Dr. Frankenstein: I'm f***ing kidding with you, you f***ing shoot the guy?
Villager 1: He's dead.
Frankenstein Monster: I'm a good shot, what do you want from me? I'm a good shot. F***in' rat anyway. His family's all rats. He'll grow up to be a rat.
Villager 2: How could you miss at this distance?
Dr. Frankenstein: You stupid b*stard, I can't f***in' believe you. Now, you're gonna do the f***in' thing now. You're gonna reanimate the corpse. You're gonna do it. I got no f***in' brains left. You're gonna do it.
Frankenstein Monster: Fine, I'll reanimate f***ing the corpse. I don't give a f***. What, is this the first Corpse I ever reanimated? Where are the shovels?

(Look at me! My writing is hackneyed enough to write for “Family Guy”! All I need to add is this line: Peter Griffin: This reminds me of the time Martin Scorsese directed a remake of Frakenstein.)-NotAFan

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New Amsterdam? Interesting Sort of!

3/17/2008 3:35:08 PM permalink

Since this is New Amsterdam day,...(Oh and St. Patrick's day ! Happy Patty Day, enjoy the green beer . The upchuck buckets are to the left!), I thought I'd give my thoughts on the show:

Things I like:

1. He's not a vampire. I think we've had enough vampire detectives for awhile, don't you?

2. He can have kids. It's refreshing to see a show about an immortal that can bear children. Usually they seem to be sterile for some reason or another. Also you get to see the reprecussions of what it would mean to be immortal but still have kids along the way.

3. There are references in the show to all the stuff he's done in his life, letting you know that he had rich and full life. Too many times a show about an immortal will leave the characters past a mystery until it they need reference it to serve the plot of a particular episode.

Things I don't like:

1. Essentially, it's just another quirky homocide detective with a gimmick show. His gimmick being that because he's lived so long, he knows alot of arcane knowledge. I think we have enough of those shows already: Monk, Numbers, Psyche, Medium, Life, etc. To me the show would have been more interesting if he didn't spend all his free time solving murders, like every other show. Do we really need another homocide detective show?

2. Even though he's not a vampire dective, the show sticks too close to the VD format. He wants to be human, he's dark and brooding, and he can't be human till he finds true love. We've seen this all before, most of it, more than once infact, do we really need to rehash it once again.

3. There seems to be no story arch yet other than finding true love. For me watching him just solve random murders week, after week, after week, is gonna get real boring,  real quick. Give a story arch, a recurring villan, something!

why is it that every immortal can't think to do anything better with his time than to decome a detective?...Just asking!

 In conclusion, The show's OK, but if there was something better on at that time I don't think I'd be watching it. Eh, maybe it'll get better, but I'm not holding my breath.

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A-Team: How I think they can make the movie not suck!

12/11/2007 11:30:36 PM permalink

The upcoming remake of the A-team is now in the works. If they want this movie to be successful I say they should do the following:

1. Keep the humor. It's what made the show. Take that away and your left with the short lived show "Soldiers of Fortune" starring Dennis Rodman. Burn Notice proves that action/comedies of this type still work.

2. Use the following cast:

  1. Leslie Neilson as Hannibal (Comeon he looks just like him, you know I'm right)
  2. Mr. T as B.A. Barracas (Lord knows he could use the work)
  3. David Hasselhof as Faceman (The Hoff knows how to romance the ladies, just watch his youtube video and you'll see him make love to the camera....and eat a cheeseburger). 
  4. Andy Dick as Howling Mad Murdock (You want crazy! You won't get crazier than Andy Dick! BTW His name is A. Dick and it's his real name! Yes sir you won't get crazier than that! Oh boy I'm on the jazz now!)
  5. Sgt. Slaughter as the general chasing them! (who doesn't love Sgt. Slaughter? I ask ya who?)


Cast Michael Clark Duncan as B.A. Barracas (Here's perfect for the part)
Cast Dirk Benedict as Hannibal (Hannibal is alot like Faceman but older, which is why he's perfect)
^^^^^These two are definate^^^^
Cast Alan Cummings as Murdock (His manic energy matches that of Murdock, so playing him should be easy)
Cast John Barrowman as Faceman ( His turn in Torchwood shows his abilities to charm the ladies, without really having to try that hard)
^^^^Still not 100% sure if these two are best for the part, but sure they could pull it off effectively.
Cast R Lee Ermy as the general chasing them.
^^^^He's always fun!

3. Cut the Chick reporter out of the story, I never liked her, and I suspect no one else did either! Mostly she was just annoying.

4. The film should include at least one of their trademark building something elaborate out of hosehold items, that gets them out of a jam, montage! It was a major part of the show and it's what they're know for dangit!

5. You gotta have the A-team van! You just gotta!!!


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My List of Underrated Cartoon Shows That Were Canceled Before Their Time

11/13/2007 2:11:41 AM permalink

The following is a short list of cartoon series that were underrated and canceled before their time. To narrow down the field, the show in question had to meet certain criteria:
1. The show had to run less 2 seasons or less
2. The show had to have a total of less than thirty episodes.
3. The show had to be American made, as I am not a fan of Japanese Anime.
4. The show had be currently of relatively low notoriety.
5. The same character can’t keep appearing in similar shows, before or after the one canceled show (E.G.- Spider-man Unlimited)

The shows that follow are just off the top of my head, if anyone actually ends up reading this or cares, then I may post a part 2. In no particular order:

1. Megas XLR (2 seasons, action/comedy)- Two slackers find a giant voltron-like robot. Future-girl who owns the robot, wants to use the robot to save the world. They, on the other hand, just want to use it to have fun but, Bad guys just keep getting in their way...and Coop loves to smash things. So what’s not to like.

2. Mad Jack the pirate (1 season, comedy)- For once a show about a pirate who acts like a pirate: greedy, manipulative, selfish...and hilarious. He is the anti-Guybrush Threepwood! Some say it is similar to Black Adder. Since I’ve never seen Black Adder I won’t comment ............................<–[Whats that? Thats me not commenting] ..................Um................This is getting awkward so let’s just moveon to #3:

3. Dave the Barbarian (1 season, comedy)- Dave likes to knit and is afraid of everything. He is the un-barbaric barbarian you’ll ever meet! How can you not love a show where the main bad guy is named “The Dark Lord Chuckles The Silly Piggy”! More Monkey Island type humor from this show but by way of the Middle Ages. (Bejabbers to one and all!)

4. Skeleton Warriors (1 season, action)- Three royal siblings get superpowers from a crystal and must use them to fight a horde guessed it “SKELETON WARRIORS”! Hey how could a show about fighting an army of skeleton warriors not be good TV, PLUS it has Grimskull, who doesn’t love Grimskull, he is the pimp master general, or whatever equivalent term those crazy kids say these days! ( How many times have I told you kids to stay off my lawn! Young Punks!) Straight up action in this show!

5. Pirates of Dark water( 1.5 seasons, action) - On an alien world full of magic, monsters, and pirates, three pirates seek to find the 13 Treasures of Rule, which will desroy the Dark Water which is spreading across their world. Swashbuckling Adventure on the high seas and a monkeybird, too. Good piratey fun. This show ended before they got all thirteen treasures. They already had 9, a few more episodes and the show would have ended on it’s own. Makes one feel like they got ripped off (But I’m NOT BITTER! I swear I’m NOT BITTER! NOT BITTER in the least! OK, maybe I’m a little bitter).

Well there you have it! Shows we hardly knew ye! I suggest you go see if you find these shows and watch them. I recommend looking either on TV, DVD, or “The Internets”, mainly because no other medium exists. (I know Dave the Barbarian for one is sometimes run on the Disney Channel or ToonDisney, at non-peak hours, like the middle of the night). Now that the writer’s strike is on it’ll give youse guys something to do besides read my banalities! If you do read this then leave a comment. So this way I will know what people think of it. And knowing is half the battle! GO JOE! In closing let me leave you with this quote from the great philosopher Fang, “NOT A MONKEY”! (Yes, “not a monkey” indeed!)–NotAFan

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