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11 Hours of Sleep

1/6/2009 12:27:46 PM permalink

(This post is taken from an ongoing post I did on my other site.  It takes place the week I went to Canada on vaccation).

Its 9:30AM.  I slept eleven hours last night.  Eleven hours of uninterupted sleep, I have never had eleven hours of uninterupted sleep.  Before last night, I felt lucky to get nine hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Today we ate another fabulous breakfest presented by Jamie.  Glazed Donuts, Hot Fresh Coffee, Sliced Banana, Blueberries, Razzberries, Sliced Asian Pears, Sliced Plums, Muffins, and Marble Cake.

Jamie and I took her medium sized dog on a two hour walk.  It was my doing, haveing such a long walk.  Aside from the satisfaction I got from stomping on the fresh powder, I wanted to see more of those beautifull trails.  It was enough to fill my first camera.

For lunch Jamie made Paninnis in her press, Lamb and Tomato Soup, Green Olives on the side, and a mug of Old Fashion Root Bear.

After, we watched her Satelite Television.  Have you Been Served was on BBC, twice.

Next we watched a Simpsons DVD calld SIMPSONS GONE WILD.  She went off to cook dinner, but I watched every episode on the disc.

Next I watched a DVD movie she had called ANYWERE BUT HERE.  I felt a strong kinship to the subject of the movie, also I think I may have a thing for Natalie Portmen now.

At 7:30 something PM we called Holly to wish her a Happy Birthday.

For dinner we ate Spagetti Squash with cheese and red sauce, Chicken Breast, Carrots, and Broccoli.

After, Jamie and I playd several games of Uno and Checkers.

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1/6/2009 12:20:13 PM permalink

Saw TOOL at the Rabobank Arena.

ISIS openned for Tool and theyre performance was wonderfull!  The lights faded out, it was dark, then a pounding base from hell resonated through the audience. Howled like the wind, but hit through like a taser.  I was right under the speaker man, felt every base hit.

My favorite part of your performance was when all the Guitarists got in a circle, all the lights turned blood read, and everyone of them bobbed heads and torsoes compulsively, like sharks caught up in a feeding frenzy.

Yeah, that was pretty cool.

The Pit was pretty cool to watch too.  People were Moshing and Crowd Surfing, Drinking and Gropeing, it was a fun little party.  Thought I might go into the Pit next time, until I saw the six foot something Gladiator slam danceing everyone in reach.

Tool, as always, was classic and lovely.  There were a lot of parts were you could not seperate Maynerd's voice from the voices of the Guitars.  Maynerd's wonderfully disturbing dancing caught my eye more then anything last night.

My favorite thing Maynerd did last night was when two girls (B to C cup) lifted up theyre shirts and bras to flash him.  What does Maynerd say?

"Ah, come on girls put those back on."

Not harsh or condesending, toward those two little girls.  He actually sounded genuinly concerned for them.  A little later in the show, another girl flashed him but she left her bra on (B cup classic).

I felt kind of bad for an old man in the pit who had a heart attack.  One second he was rocking out, the next he looks like he's moshing, but he's grabing his chest and clawing his surrounders.  Probably would have died there if Security hadnt been on top of things that night.  Had him out of there in fifteen seconds flat.

Security was so great to the Pit people last night, they were surpriseingly respectfull of the captured crowd surfers.  Just fished them off the top, and sent them out of the kill zone and on they're ways.

I only stayed for the first encore song, and dont know if there were anymore after Viccarius.  I would have stayed through the whole show, but I wanted to beat traffic.  Besides the overflow of cars, I saw over twelve people smoke pot at the concert.  That was just in the pit, now add that to the rest of the areana and you can understand my logic.

Stay and risk my life, or live to tell the tale.

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Kidz Bop

1/6/2009 12:18:39 PM permalink

Rock songs re-sung by KIDS for KIDS, KIDZ Bop.  What a horrible concept, taking perfectly good Rock songs and warping them into not just Pop but Pop sung by preteens.

But what do you think about all this?

What do you think about it being no longer safe to go sing karaoke, because there's always the threat of a sudden outbreak of Brittany Spears songs?

First those bubblegummer trash they're own Music genre, now they've moved into ours!

Kidz Bop. . .

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1/6/2009 12:16:56 PM permalink

I did a small study on the suger content of bottled Orange Juices and Orange Juice related drinks.


20 ounce Aquafina Sparkling. 00 grams

16 ounce V8. Splash. 18 grams

20 ounce Sobe. 23 grams

15.5 ounce Minute Maid. 24 grams

20 ounce Tropicana. 29 grams

20 ounce Sobe Life Water. 31 grams

20 ounce Gatorade. 35 grams

16 ounce Dole. 42 grams

20 ounce Fantana. 74 grams


Just so you have something to compare to, a 20 ounce Mountain Dew Soda has 31 grams of Suger.

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Ice Ice Baby

1/6/2009 12:15:36 PM permalink

It was frosty this mourning as I headed out to work.  The frost was unusually thick for California, maybe it will be a white Christmas this year.

What I am not enthused about however is the fact I almost died today.

Like every frosted mourning, I damped a towel and wash-scraped the frost off all of my windows and mirrors before heading out.  It takes my old car's defroster a long time to warm up, despite the fact I had it on high, so I dont rely solely on it for my window thawing.

Can you believe it, just barely outside the limits of my home town the windows frost over instently.  I couldnt see, going 60miles an hour that's pretty damn scary: especially during mourning rush hour.  I pretty sure I crossed over into the opposite lane a couple times.

Finally conceeding defeat, I signalld and pulled to the left and off the road.  I switched off my head lights, made sure the doors were locked, and kept the engione running.

Around seven to ten minutes later, the defroster heated up and thawed out my windows so that I could start driving to work again.

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To know the future...part two

1/6/2009 12:08:32 PM permalink

Stratos 4
Stratos 4: Return To Base
Cosplay Complex
Elfen Lied
7 Samurai
Speed Grapher
Angel Links
Shura No Toki
Giant Robo
Samurai: Hunt For The Sword
Gunslinger Girls
Chrono Crisis
Black Cat
Afro Samurai
Nanaka 6/17
Cromartie High School
Cromartie High School The Movie
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
Samurai Gun
The Twelve Kingdoms
School Rumble (season 1 - 2)
Koi Kaze
Case Closed: The Fourteenth Victim
Your Under Arrest The Movie
Papuwa (series)
Deathnote (series)
E's Otherwise (series)
Haibane Renmei (series)
Mahoromatic (series)
Your Under Arrest (series)
Happy Lessons (series)
Gantz (series)
Colorful! (series)
The Meloncholy of Haruni Suxamiya (series)
Strawberry Eggs: I My Me! (series)
Here is Greenwood (series)
Mouse (series)
Green Green (series)

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To know the future you must understand the past.

1/6/2009 12:06:26 PM permalink

Case Closed
Case Closed Time Bombed Skyscraper
Char's Counter Attack
Comic Party
Comic Party Revolution
Cowboy Bebop
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball GT
Final Fantasy Advent Children
Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist Conqueror of Shamballa
Galaxy Express 999
Ghost In A Shell Stand Alone Complex
Gundam 0083
Gundam: The 8th MS Team
Gundam Wing
Harloc Saga
Howls Moving Castle
Infinite Ryvius
Midori Days
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie
Outlaw Star
Paranoia Agent
Please Teacher!
Please Twins
Ralph Bakshi's Wizards
Read Or Die
Return of Galaxy Express 999
Ruroini Kenshin
Samurai X: Trust & Betrayel
Spirited Away
Tenchi Muyo
Tenchi Universe
Trinety Blood
Ugly Yet Beautiful World
Witch Hunter Robin
Wolf's Rain
Zoids Chaotic Century
Zoids Guardian Force
Zoids New Century

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The Jester

1/6/2009 11:59:40 AM permalink

A man came into the station, sporting a thick southern accent.  He was tall, dark, and not so dreamy.  He was very jester like over the fact I couldnt understand most of what he was saying.

The Man gave me forty dollars to put on pump number three.  When the car was done filling, the man and his girlfriend came back in for his two dollars change.

He used a fifty dollar bill to buy something, I dont remember what.  Then, desiding to get his fifty back, he handed me a handful of ones and varius other bills to trade for the fifty.

It seemed to truely piss him off that I insisted on counting his handful of bills out before handing him the fifty.  Well I can't help that, I tried to explain to him it is a Cashiers job to make sure a customer doesnt over or under pay.

The Man seemed to take my explanation in the worse way, and made a big fuss about what a thief I must think he is.

I admit it was my mistake to open the drawer and pull the fifty out before I counted the money.  Trying to rip the bill out of my steel tight grip while I both counted his fold, and explained why I had to count it, was definetly a mistaken order for me to do things in.

After our money changed hands, the man started to go on and on about how beautifull his girlfriend is.

From the way he went on, I got the impression this was more for my sake then hers.  I felt sorry for her, being repeatedly dangled in front of a stranger.  It seemed to me the man would not stop rambleing, until I admited I thought she was attractive.

"But you can't have her.  She aaallll miiine, so don'tcha even try." he said, when I finally gave in.

Truethfully, I didnt find his girlfriend the least bit attractive.  Oh there was nothing wrong with her, she just wasnt my type.

Happy again, or so I thought, he pulled back out his fifty.  This time he wanted me to cash it for him in the way of five ten dollar bills.

This sounds like no big deal, but to a Cashier with limited change for the register it was.

After I first said no, he said it would be fine to do it in three tens and the rest fives.

Again I Tried to explain to him, though I had it, I could not change peoples large bills at request because I had to save my change for purches.

He took my explanation the wrong way, and grabbed cheap bag of peanuts and expected me to give him his change back as he wanted.

Again I said I couldnt, and tried to explain to him that purchase was not the issue.  It was about proper change, and the proper change would have been two twenties, one five, four ones, and some change.

But he cut me off in mid of saying, "I Can't..."

At the top of his lungs he screamed, for all the world to hear, "Ku Klux Klan!  Ku Klux Klan!  You Hate Black People, thats why you won't do it!"

Maybe he actually believed it.  Or maybe he was the type of person who played up the whole white guilt angle and, being in california (were its most common), expected me to roll over for the sake of trying to be perfectly-politically-correct.

Not being that type of person, I ignored his statement as if he hadnt said anything at all.  And said, as cool as I could, "Sir, I'm sorry your upset but I'm just doing the job I was hired to do.  If I cant make you happy then your perfectly free to take your business elsewere."

The man pointed at the register, "Give me my fifty back!"

To which I replied, "Sir, I have already given back your fifty dollar bill.  What lies in the drawer is mine."

He gave me a slight smile, "So yaee did" he said.  Then without a word more, he left.

Moments like this are just some of the hazerds of working a register on the highway.

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Wierd Dream

1/6/2009 11:57:04 AM permalink

  I had a wierd dream last night.  Me and two of my sisters were in my old ROHAN dorm, but it was not as I remembered it last.  All the rooms were either coed showers or commonrooms. Also, no dorm room (except our commonroom-room) had curtains or blinds.

More out of surprise then excitment, I pronounced loudly that, across the dorm from us, a man and woman were getting in the shower together.

My sisters looked over to the scene in mild surprise, not moving from were they sat on the floor (doing some craft).

As for myself, I shot to the wall  and hid behind the curtain to watch. But the next scene was that of the now classic Jock fully clothed male and several of his casually dressed friends walking across the lawn, and upto our glass wall-slideing front door.

Though it was all one room, ours was split in two by a wall we had made out of wall parts and curtains.  I was in the "room" off to the corner, and stayed hidden when I heard my sisters let the rabble in.

Apparantly the Classic Jock had briefly seen me watching, and also recieved a phone call from a buddy who was our neighbor.  The other had told the jock of my loud exclamation.

The Jock seemed jolly about everything, and was more eager in seeing me because he knew me.  I however did not know who he was, and stayed hidden.

As he talked, I noticed his giant silhouett gradually shrinking until he was a normal framed man.  He seemed to know were I was, but was good enough not to call me out on it.

Next thing I knew we were on the Black Pearl, sailing back from World's End.  My sisters and his friends were not on the ship with us.  He remained himself, but I was Jack Sparrow portrayed by the character Dr House (FOX show, if your not familear).

Quite a large amount of the crew were portrayed by various hospital show actors.

A female sergent character I had not scene before smiled at me.  It was a pirate ship, but she, like Jock, remained dressed like the character she was.

The Pirate Dr me was a little too caught up in myself to make a move, much like the real me.  Just as I started toward her, the ship pulls a Titanic and begins to sink vertically.

We did not hit an Iceberg, what we hit was the black metal shark from James and the Giant Peach.

Me, Jock, and She got stuck in the upper middle of the boat, holding onto a tiny spiget and eachother.  Jock seems to think he can get a better grasp on the slipping unknown woman, so I swing her to him and Jock drops her.  In mad retaliation I fling him from the spiget and to his presumed death.

The scene below is steam and murky water, I cant see her.  The ship sinks and I find the monster has gone.  There are lots of door size planks about, and I start diving for the shadow figures below me.  Some are dead, some are not, one was Jock, but none were her.

Weeks later I'm at her and several others funeral.  Like her, many bodies were not recovered.  Jock doesnt blame me for what I did to him.  I'm completely the Dr House character now, nothing remains of me or Captain Sparrow.

In the background I hear Darrell Scott's "Uncle Lloyd" playing.  I deside to take a walk through the grassy surroundings.  The sky is soundlessly covord in thunder clouds.  The murky water at shore's end is as black as ink.  I stare at it, close my eyes, then everything is gone.

I wake up and wallow in my pillow, soon realizing I cant stay there; my favorite part of the pillow is covored in drool.

I think about my dream as I put my Netflix in the mail box (Beck disc 5 and Samurai Gun disc 1) and walk back.

"Uncle Lloyd" still playing in my head, I keep thinking about how I should have left Jock on the spigett and dived after her the moment she fell.  By now I've realized the disappearance of the monster meant he ate most of those who fell, and was full.

Regardless of death, I should have dove after her; I hope I will next time.

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