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PontiacDeath (Profile) - 3/19/2009 11:13:14 AM

Dude, I had a bunch of blogs but they all got deleted some how?!

Bummer.  If you want to read about me, I'm on Myspace under the same name.

FUNimation Acquires Gungrave (Article) - 12/30/2008 12:02:52 PM

<p>Good series, dont know if I'd buy it though.&nbsp; I remember looking forward to each rental disc of the series.&nbsp; Each disc a precious captivation of my attention.&nbsp; The drawing and color scheme was&nbsp;life like once the series got involved in its self.&nbsp; But I remember back at the start, everything looked sickly off color.&nbsp; As I watched the first episode, I remember wondering whether or not&nbsp;this was anime I could get into.&nbsp; Looking Back,&nbsp; I suppose the coloring started out&nbsp;that way for dramatic effect.</p> <p>A very good story, a very good plot, completely justifiable ending, loved the music, but&nbsp;I dont know if its one I would buy.&nbsp; Maybe my rambling is boring, but I wanted to type it.</p>

Keanu Reeves to go Bebop for Spike? (Article) - 12/19/2008 11:47:39 AM

<p>Keanu should have retired after the days of Bill and Ted.&nbsp; Why, because that was the only good acting I've ever seen him do.&nbsp; Not that he had to try hard to be a brainless slacker.&nbsp; Shit, Keanu as Spike!&nbsp; I'd rather see Ashton Kutcher play Spike.&nbsp; Hell, I would like to see Ashton as Spike.&nbsp; He was, after all, supriseingly good in Butterfly Effect.</p>


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