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December 16, 2008
Release Date: December 17, 2007

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Negi is the name of a Brittish boy-wizard who comes to Japan. In order to get his Wizard's license, Negi must teach English at an all girls School. And thats were the real story is, nine year old Negi and the thirty two girls in his class. All the girls in Negi's class are between the ages of 13 and 15, except Evangeline (A Vampire who is atleast 100 years old) and Chachamaru (A robot).

I counted atleast 31 different voice actresses in the credits, A rather large class for Professor Negi, and all of them fit a catagory.

6 magic related students, 7 tough chicks, 3 socialites, 7 smart girls, 1 expert cook, 2 professional walkers, 1 dramatic chick, 3 cheerleaders, 1 medical student, and 1 girl completely devoted to god.

All 31 girls are mixed into eacher groups, but in the round up above I counted each person once. It sounds fanatical, but if you watch this series back to back you'll get really into the indavidual stories of all 31 girls. Now add to that the personal stories of the school's faculty, and its hard believe this series only spans 6 discs.

After thoughts on the ending:

Liked it, but kinda wish Yuna stayed dead. Dont like that time reversed and all that happend unhappend (except for his dad), because I wanted him and Yue to develop more.

Other then that, loved this anime.

Also, kind of wish we saw more to do with Nedgi's Dad and everyone he knew back in England.

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