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Speed Grapher

December 16, 2008
Release Date: March 11, 2008

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Once upon a time, a young brother and sister lived happily. One morning the two young children came down stairs to find theyre parents had hung themselves, and apparant suicide. A Man comes into the house pretending to be sorry for they're loss, at the same time he tells the two their parents had an outstanding debt.

To pay the debt, the two children were taken away and sepperated. The state of his little sister is unknown, the boy is taken away to a special club. There, his body sold over and over again. When the boy was too old, and too marked, to please the tastes of the club's members, he is sold to a privet army.

"If you want to live, kill the enemy!" Such was his life for many years. Still no knowledge of his younger sister, all he had of her memory was a small music box. Freed from his war contract, the young man comes home to Japan, his body not the same as when he left.

The Young man walks imediatly into the headquarters of a small territory's boss. There he kills everyon inside and takes over the territory. Years pass, and the man has become more prominent. His connections running deep enough to finally find his sister.

The man, now called Tsuitango, walks down a backstreet and into a hidden away building. Depraved men lay here and there, gorging themselves on women, in this pants down establishment. Tsuitango makes his way to a back room, checking vales as he goes. A young girl is sitting still in the back, waiting for the next customer, barely nineteen and already she looked used up.

Tsuitango approached her, but she seemed incapable of conversation. He handed her the music box, but the girl wouldnt take it. A broken language of "Give me money, cash only" was all she could say. Unprovoked she starts to suck on Tsuitango's gloved finger. Tsuitango silently cries as he looks at her, this broken women. She was not the sister he had known, that little girl had long since faded away. Looking down on her, his eyes still full of love for the girl he knew to be his sister, Tsuitango kills her.

. . .

Welcome to a corrupt modern world, were the powerfull can buy any fantasy they choose. The Main story fallows a famous war photographer as he tries to save a teenage girl from the useing of a powerfull club. The Hero has many clashings, with the impossibly human club members. His most vicious enemy, a mysterious figure known only as Tsuitango.

I definitly reccomend this anime for viewing, SPEED GRAPHER is one of the best I've ever seen. I Give Speed Grapher five out of five stars.

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