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Unspecified Title (Article) - 9/12/2009 11:50:08 AM

 Hi Lloyd,

Thank you.  That makes sense now.  BTW I loved the image.




Unspecified Title (Article) - 9/12/2009 12:22:47 AM

Two things I didn't understand in the article:

(1) "In 2003 a primer-based DNA test showed the Starchild was a human-alien hybrid. Definite."  That's one helluva statement.  In the first sentence does the word "alien" refer in fact to an as yet unidentiified/unidentifiable genetic sequence or does it really mean non-terrestrial?

(2) "This is an absolute lead-pipe cinch because there is not a single physical corollary between the Starchild skull and a normal human skull--not one!"  However, from the photos I have seen, the Starchild skull is visibly more hominoid than simian.

I guess I'm just going to have to buy the e-book!


Unspecified Title (Article) - 9/8/2009 12:36:51 PM

 I've never quite understood the propensity to look for extra-terrestrial intelligent life.  It's challenging enough trying to find it down here...

Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/29/2009 1:31:50 AM

 This sounds like a very interesting book.  

However, I'm not sure that I'd agree that "the dissemination of information via the internet has made it much harder to indoctrinate the "sheeple" with propaganda than it has been in previous times".  Surely, the Internet has made it possible for any Tom, Dick or Harry to propagate inventions, myths and just plain lies on a scale which was unimaginable a hundred years ago?  And, from what one reads in the newspapers every day, there is no shortage of "sheeple" who are desperate to believe whatever pap is fed to them.  My guess is that the Internet is a heaven-sent breeding-ground for extremism, whether religious or otherwise.  One man's hysterical fantasies are another man's information...

Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/23/2009 7:12:16 AM

 "Furthermore, to date, fourteen American presidents have been initiated Freemasons, including George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James K Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin D Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Gerald Ford."

Is there any evidence that the presidents cited specifically implemented their Masonic beliefs in their political decision-making?  In Ford's case one hopes not!


Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/8/2009 11:19:31 AM

Can't wait.  Have a Pimms for me!

Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/5/2009 11:37:26 PM

 Roger's comment reminded me of one of the earliest reviews of Wagner (of whose music I am, incidentally, a fan!):

"There is no law against composing music when one has no ideas whatsoever. The music of Wagner, therefore, is perfectly legal."

- The National Paris 1850

However, I suspect that only writer of quality historical fiction who will be read in a 150 years' time will be Piedmontese...

Unspecified Title (Article) - 8/1/2009 12:20:01 AM

Great review.  It sounds as though this scribbling belongs - with so many others - on the dung-heap initiated by Mr B.  I think I'll stick with Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!  At least it doesn't pretend to be more than it is.

All our thoughts, I'm sure, will be with Our Lady of the Snows this year!


Unspecified Title (Article) - 7/19/2009 3:54:39 AM

 BTW I assume the title is a reference to Tintin?

Unspecified Title (Article) - 7/18/2009 10:05:58 AM

 ... So, following through that line of thinking, there's no good reason to fly with Space Adventures.  You can get the same benefit (and maybe more) by staying at home, traveling through space and time in the comfort of your armchair.  And it would save $20 million.


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