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Star Wars News is Coming!

Waiting for Enders Game to wrap

By Robert T. Trate     October 10, 2013

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A British site known as Jedi News is reporting on some serious Star Wars news. Now all of this can be rumors and nothing official has arrived from Disney or Lucasfilm in my inbox. It looks as if we are getting some news, officially, before the end of October. Which if it does happen, think about it, almost a year to the date after we learned there would be a new Star Wars film! Here is what Jedi News is reporting: 

  • 23rd October looking like the date we may see the first official major Episode Seven cast news drop.

  • One problem may be Apple announcing today a product launch on 22nd and they are a PR drain. They want to avoid the last week of the month to give Thor chance to get the press as it starts international on 30th with US opening 8th Nov.

  • Announcements have been held back at Harrison's request so he can do his world press junket without having "to endure" SW Q

All this seems to make sense. All JJ Abrams talked about was Star Wars during his Star Trek Into Darkness press junkets. What do you think Maniacs? The clock is ticking...

Until then, check out the 1976 teaser trailer from Episode IV.  


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mlaforce 10/10/2013 10:27:09 AM

I think it's rumors until we actually get the real stuff, that's what I think, pretty simple...

CalamityJohnson 10/10/2013 10:42:18 AM

must really irk all the die hard trekkies that the man who made the last two films jumped ship immediately once the offer to make the next SW series was made... and then the cherry on top, spends most of the press time for the last Trek flick talking about SW. Awesome. Thing is, what director wouldn't have done the exact same thing? AND.... if the tables had been turned, would ANY director jump ship from a SW series to direct Trek? You're absolutely insane if you convinced yourself the answer to that question is "yes".

Iridan 10/10/2013 11:58:35 AM

So this story is that there might be a story later this month? Really? And we can't get TV Wasteland anyomre?

CaptAmerica04 10/10/2013 12:18:16 PM

I'm really tired of Harrison Ford talking about Star Wars like it intrudes upon his life.  He's really starting to come off as an ungrateful asshat.  Star Wars made him, and he needs to embrace that.  He's Han Solo.  Boo fucking hoo.  Own it, and just accept that you will spend the rest of your life answering questions, Mr. Ford.  Quit acting like it's SUCH a burden to have to "endure" fan questions and excitement.

rutldge 10/10/2013 12:21:51 PM

I agree @Iridan, I'm still waiting for the long ago promised review of 'Now You See Me'.  Review should have come out when the movie came out, then it was promised when the DVD came out and now, still nothing!  What's up Robert??!!

nemesis1_57 10/10/2013 12:58:55 PM

 Thiis is about news that has been released. great story . For the love god what do I have to do to get some help accessing my proflie for fuck salke I have made three attempts to email tech and theres always a problem .

redvector 10/10/2013 1:17:10 PM

I don't think it's a done deal that the holy trinity of Ford, Hamill, or Fisher are even in this. It's all just rumors and wishful thinking. I could see Ford getting pissed off by being bombarded with star wars questions especially when he's trying to promote something else. 

therockdltj 10/10/2013 2:14:11 PM

Why so much hate on Star Trek CJ? Would be very hard for Star Wars directors to "jump ship" when 2 are dead and GL wouldn't make a Star Trek movie anyways. It's funny that JJ Abrams finally admitted he has a addiction to lens flair his own wife doesn't like!

hanso 10/10/2013 2:45:10 PM

 Bring back TV Wasteland you bastards!!

SarcasticCaveman 10/10/2013 2:47:40 PM

 Yeah, I'm a die hard Trekkie, but I could really care less what directors want to do.  The best directors the series has see so far anyway (in my opinon) were Nicholas Meyer (Wrath of Khan), Leonard Nimoy (The Voyage Home) and Jonathan Frakes (First Contact).  I enjoyed JJ's movies for the most part, but he'll do much better with SW since he's actually a fan.

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