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The Walking Dead: Strangers Review (Article) - 10/20/2014 11:00:51 AM

I remember that, I just think maybe with the blood loss, his body and such, he might be going thru some sort of the process, maybe something that is 'numbing' his thoughts / response?  just a thought.  :-)  We shall see next week!!

The Walking Dead: Strangers Review (Article) - 10/20/2014 10:52:08 AM

My thought is IF he didn't scream, MAYBE he is in the process of turning??

The Walking Dead: Strangers Review (Article) - 10/20/2014 10:19:30 AM

I have to rewatch the ending, did Bob say anything at the end or scream?  Or was he just 'there'?

The Walking Dead: Strangers Review (Article) - 10/20/2014 7:32:27 AM

Oh, I had thought that Tyreese had done what was necessary last episode, but again, the big bear can't kill.  It is going to bite him or the group one day.  It is hard to watch and makes me angry how hard he works NOT take care of a threat.  The biggest man in the camp, stays home to babysit.  Really?  lol

The Walking Dead: Strangers Review (Article) - 10/20/2014 7:28:37 AM

My house believes Bob was bit.  He was too happy to just go that sad without a reason - and that reason he is going to die.

Show up Morgan!!

The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary Review (Article) - 10/13/2014 3:52:36 PM

Join the 'family' Morgan!!!  Welcome back!


The Flash: City of Heroes Review (Article) - 10/8/2014 5:36:05 PM

The family enjoyed it.  Good acting and the fx was nice.  It was a fun episode.

Robin Williams has Passed (Article) - 8/12/2014 5:12:15 AM

Comic Relief, At the amazing career.  He was a part of my childhood growing up in the '80s.  Family mourning tonight with RV.  RIP - hope you are at peace.

Mania Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (Article) - 8/4/2014 6:44:20 AM

Really enjoyed it!  Nice action and loved the tree.  lol

Do NOT need a duck no no...NO

'black light'  lol

Mania Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (Article) - 5/27/2014 9:11:29 AM

I have to agree that Wolverine woke up in the 'present day'.  As for his claws, he never did show them so we don't know if he is bone or metal.

I look forward to seeing if they TRY to tie up change or if we just move on.

Great movie!!


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