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Arrow: Seeing Red Review (Article) - 4/25/2014 6:38:41 AM

@ Samson - No kinda to it, she is hot.  :-)  I am with ya!  lol

Cyborg Cast in Batman vs. Superman (Article) - 4/25/2014 4:29:21 AM

I agree Dazzler.  Especially if they are all having big roles.  I could undertand a tease at the end like what Marvel did, but there is a lot going on with out any background movies to make the casual fan care.

Arrow: Seeing Red Review (Article) - 4/25/2014 4:25:58 AM

What a shock!  My family didn't see that coming.  We all just were in shock.  I really hope that Sarah did leave to go get help, but like I said last week; this crew isn't going to get it done without some help!

Slade is an awesome villian.  Sad in a way considering their time on the island, but he is a bad a$$ tv villian.

Arrow: The Man Under the Hood Review (Article) - 4/17/2014 11:25:07 AM

I can't give it an A- because of the Queen daughter drama.  Whenever I started to enjoy the Deathstroke scenes, it would get diminished with the 'you are all liars' tantrum Thea shared.  Poor girl.

And that sucks! 

I don't see how they beat Deathstroke.  This group isn't prepared or ready to defeat a threat like Slade.  Maybe Batman can stop in and say hi.  :-)

Looking forward to the next expisode!

Mania Review: Divergent (Article) - 3/23/2014 6:18:39 AM

Unlike Twilight, where I  read the books, I had not, but my wife did. I found the movie entertaining, not knowing anything, but my wife did not enjoy it.  And her reason goes along with the review, so I am interested to see what the fans of the book say.

Batman: Arkham Knight Announce Trailer (Article) - 3/4/2014 10:51:05 AM

 Holy Sh!t that looked awesome.  Would be a hell of a movie.  lol  

The Spring of '84: This is Spinal Tap (Article) - 3/3/2014 2:48:33 AM

 I watch this once a month.  Always a good watch and i chuckle at something everytime!

2 NEW Sin City Sequel IMAGES (Article) - 2/28/2014 5:47:44 AM

 Oh sh!t Violator.  lol  Good one.

ALMOST HUMAN: Beholder Review (Article) - 2/28/2014 5:45:44 AM

 This is an AWESOME series.  My whole family sits down to enjoy this every week.  While the out of order episodes messed with the flow, it was nice that my family noticed it, so that means they were paying attention.

Best part of this episode that got a pitty laugh from us, the reveal in the apartment.  I felt bad for him.  lol


Harold Ramis has Passed (Article) - 2/25/2014 6:47:08 AM

 R.I.P.  Truly great stuff!


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