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Young Justice: Independence Day, Part I (Article) - 1/12/2011 6:58:51 AM

I was pleased with it and it gives me something I can watch with my 11 year old.  Looking forward to part 2.

BOND 23 Release Date Set (Article) - 1/11/2011 6:30:43 PM

I agree Calibur, they need to move it up.  I want to see it at #1 for a week or two.

Latest SUCKER PUNCH Banner (Article) - 1/11/2011 9:53:58 AM  Looks fun.

The 5 Best Teaser Posters for 2011 (Article) - 1/10/2011 5:46:56 AM

Totally agree with your Wise.  Sucker Punch...along with being kick ass, was nice for the eyes.  dooby doo.

How much longer before we see a Capt America and X-Men?

Here Comes GREEN HORNET (Article) - 12/24/2010 4:45:29 AM

Are you profieling Caveman?  lol  For the record, I am a white. slightly overweight, kinda Christian, balding, non-smoker male who just doesn't dig the story.  Action looks good and I am sure I will rent when it comes out, just not too excited for it.

Watch Smurfs be a sleeper hit.  Lord I hope not.

YOUR HIGHNESS Trailer Appears (Article) - 12/22/2010 4:13:48 AM

When I saw Portman I had to do a double take to make sure this wasn't filmed some years back, because I couldn't imagine her signing up to do this movie now.  BUT it looks like she owed someone a favor.

INDY Death Rumors Shot Down (Article) - 12/21/2010 3:50:29 AM

I don't know which way to go here.  2 of the 4 movies were really good, while the other 2 were OK .  I was bothered, like most everyone else, with the use of CGI in Crystal Skull.  And unless Lucas is tricked on when the next one is being made, a 5th Jones movie is bound to have the same.  Do I want or need to it to continue on with his son?  And we are also moving into the 1960's, 70' thing you know, there will be no need for a diary or library because we will have the internet to search for clues.  Even though National Treasure found a way to do it.

So, I don't know.  I think I want a 5th one to show me something with more meat than the Crystal Skull, but don't know if I want to see him pass on the whip and hat.   I do know that I don't want him to die, he deserves to live out his life teaching and relaxing.

Giger, Scott Reteam for ALIEN Prequel (Article) - 12/20/2010 7:03:08 PM

Hopefully they will go with the suspense of the 1st movie, the fear, darkness, shadows.  I am not expecting an Aliens, but more of an Alien. 

And I agree, if they go with humans as the engineer, then that will mess with everything.  I really hope they don't.

I still want to see more and go from there.

Giger, Scott Reteam for ALIEN Prequel (Article) - 12/20/2010 8:56:23 AM

Do what SelectiveR???

BRODIE'S LAW Heats Up (Article) - 12/20/2010 8:54:24 AM

I concur...blah blah blah on this report.

I too crave more info on DKR and the new Supes.


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