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The Walking Dead: Internment Review (Article) - 11/4/2013 12:53:33 PM

Well done Hanso!  I like the way you think.  lol

This episode was better than last weeks.  The way Rick handled Carol was correct and the way Rick should do it. 

What I noticed this season is new restraint in not killing every walker they see, especially when there is only 1 or 2.  Is that because they know they aren't going to eliminate them?

Tyrese - I really hope he gets his head out of his a$$ real quick.  His attitude or lack or smarts is driving me BATTY!

Daryl...does anything need to be said.  Just bad ass!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLIDER - Trailer (Article) - 10/24/2013 7:43:29 PM

Nice.  Simply nice.

Mania Review: Gravity (Article) - 10/7/2013 8:55:50 AM

It takes a special person to be in space.  So much for those thick walls I thought those folks were protected by.  The stress they have to deal with.  Something goes wrong and there is nowhere to go.

This was a great movie.  We left feeling a little numb and in awe.

DVD Shopping Bag: Iron Man 3 Blu-ray (Article) - 9/25/2013 4:27:06 AM

Agree with your POV karas1.  Better stated than my problem with the film.  We were watching The Avengers this past weekend and I kept saying that is the Tony I wanted to see in IM3.  I expected some left over shock from New York, but not the complete isolation and lack of intelligent moves. 

And I am not going to apologize for my expectations not being met.  I was let down with this movie.  Does that mean others couldn't love it?  Nope.  I just didn't it.

DVD Shopping Bag: Iron Man 3 Blu-ray (Article) - 9/24/2013 8:45:06 AM

Nice reply Capt.  I am by NO means a historian or claim to know anything about the Marvel universe.  My experience has been a few comics and starting with the first Iron Man movie.  For me, IM3 blew.  I went with my two teenage boys and we all left feeling let down with Tony's character.  Entertaining, yes, but for what I felt I knew about the recent Marvel movie universe, I was let down.  We are renting it this weekend to let the wife experience it and get her take.  I am looking forward to checking it out again and see if anything changes.

Gravity: Detached Trailer (Article) - 7/25/2013 6:15:58 PM

Looks interesting.  Very cool scene.

Dracula Music Video Trailer (Article) - 7/22/2013 7:29:48 PM

NBC?  Wow.

Mania Review: Pacific Rim (Article) - 7/12/2013 9:14:13 AM

goirish83 - Nice!

Mania Review: Pacific Rim (Article) - 7/12/2013 8:10:00 AM

I am sad to admit that it took this past week to remind me of what it was like watching the old Godzila movies and what thie movie represents!  It is weird the childhood feelings I started having and I am now very excited to check this out this weekend!  Thanks for the countdowns, those triggered it all for me!

Mania Review: The Lone Ranger (Article) - 7/1/2013 10:53:34 AM

Ditto goirish83.


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