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Sarah Gadon for Amazing Spider-Man 3 (Article) - 6/23/2013 11:38:23 PM

<Sigh> I really miss Raimi.

Goyer Talks Sequels and Justice League (Article) - 6/18/2013 2:41:57 PM

I think Man of Steel 3 should be a World's Finest movie. Let the Daily Planet mention "a batman sighting" in their newspaper for part 2.

It just makes more sense to have a World's Finest movie over a half-baked Justice League movie just so that Warner Bros. can feel like they're competing with Marvel. Let DC run its own race! There's nothing but catastrophe if they rush this.

I hope this Batman will stray far from the Bale voice and much closer to the comic book.

Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer (Article) - 6/18/2013 2:19:51 PM

I like the voice actor playing Black Mask. Very full, very hearty rendition. He would've been awesome in the 1990's Batman Animated series if they had ever introduced the character.

Arnold Back for Terminator 5 (Article) - 6/14/2013 9:28:16 PM

For me, T2: Judgement Day was the definitive, awesome ending to this franchise. I was bewildered when T3 came out and while the premise for Terminator Salvation sounded great, I have no plans to see it.  

I'm not hating on Arnold, but how does he make a difference for the franchise now? It looks like an obvious gimmick to get people to see another Terminator movie. Arnold's too cool for that.

If he wants to explore some of his former glories, then let Arnold do a Predator follow-up. EVERYBODY has been waiting for that. That would be exciting!

Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Demo (Article) - 6/13/2013 12:15:29 AM

The trailers are spectacular!

When it comes to Batman, the games and the cartoons are usually more exciting, more in depth than the live-action movies.

Keaton in Birdman (Article) - 6/5/2013 1:37:52 PM

Hmm... Mr. Keaton looks weathered enough to return as Bruce Wayne in a live action Batman Beyond movie.

10 Films That Would Have Been Better As Twilight Zone Episodes (Article) - 6/4/2013 10:21:13 AM

Agreed. Final Destination, Identity and Click would've made great Twilight Zones.

I'm a die hard fan of the original run of The Twilight Zone. I think Rod Serling and the main writers of the show were just brilliant. Serling was not afraid to challenge our broken morality, our godlessness. His life and his work has informed my own writing. 

I think people hate too much on Shyamalan. It's just gratuitous. I did not enjoy the The Village, but I liked the idea. I did like Devil and I'm disappointed that he never went ahead with The Night Chronicles. The Happening was great, but left something to be desired. 

Jackman Chats about The Wolverine (Article) - 5/24/2013 12:16:51 PM

It is very, very cool that Hugh Jackman has owned this character for 7 movies. It will be something to see Jackman bequeath the role to the next guy.

Cavill up for Worlds Finest (Article) - 5/23/2013 8:12:26 PM

I agree with Robert T. Trate. A World's Finest movie would be much more exciting and iconic than Justice League.

On top of that, it's very encouraging that Henry Cavill is down for it.

I really don't want Christian Bale to return. His interpretation is exhausting. I want a Batman with a Michael Keaton/Kevin Conroy sensibility, please.

Ten Characters We Want to See in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Article) - 5/18/2013 12:23:17 AM

Exciting news! Now if we can just crowbar Spider-Man and X-Men from Fox's steely fingers.

Seeing Blade in a future episode of S.H.I.E.L.D. would be awesome. I hope Marvel signs Wesley. I'm rooting for him after his prison stint. I saw Dirty Laundry. Never been a fan of Punisher, but I liked Tom Jane's movie and I always thought that Punisher appearances should be in doses (like the Hulk in Avengers). That may also be a good formula for Ghost Rider- minus Nic Cage. No offense, Nic. 


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