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Was Angie Lolie in The Dark Knight?

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Caring was something I WANTED to do

1/2/2009 4:24:29 PM permalink

 Angelina Jolie visiting te set of The Dark Knight. It was well filmed and there was good action. However that could not help a plot which tried to be fun and serious but failed on both counts. However the big disappointment was Morgan Freeman. I can only assume he put on a suit jacket when he was not on set for The Dark Knight because this role or at least the way it was written seemed better fit for Sam Jackson in 15-20 years. If you saw the commercials for WANTED you saw Morgan Freeman's character except     SPOLIER  Morgan Freeman is really the villain who killed father of the kid he has recruited. Well except that the father is still alive until the son kills him because the kid thinks he is really the guy who killed his father and not actually his father.   Moran Freeman does play it straight until the end when he says to "Shoot this Mother fucker" in a role meant for someone who can play bad ass in a way that Morgan Freeman could not.  In the end the assassins, minus Mr. Freeman and the new kid,  are taken out by Angelina Jolie with a suicide bullet  and her loyalty to a psyching old school sewing machine.        Yeah I was disappointed in this movie even though it had some fun. But the fun was outnumbered by a weak story, story occupying and boring bullets, a poorly chosen cast and a voice over that needs to get its ass kicked by Chris Rock.




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