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The Flash: The Nuclear Man Review (Article) - 2/14/2015 2:32:15 AM

 I agree with the review, agree with the grade, agree with everybody about how fun this show is...but if you're looking for SOMETHING to complain about, you know what I could do without?  The stupid "my name is" intro that both The Flash and Arrow use.  Just really gets on my nerves for some reason.

The Flash: Crazy for You Review (Article) - 2/6/2015 11:14:48 AM

 C'mon, hasn't anybody ever heard of the famous childrens book, "Everybody Poops...Except Super Villains"?

The Flash: Crazy for You Review (Article) - 2/5/2015 8:07:31 PM

 I'm really enjoying this series...can't argue with the consistent B plus ratings.

NEW Ghostbusters Cast Announced (Article) - 1/28/2015 12:33:13 AM

 Alright, I'll be the one to say it...I generally like the cast, I'm just not looking forward to the movie itself.  We were teased with Ghostbusters 3 news for SO F***ING LONG, and to have it rebooted with chicks just to make it different?  Disappointment beyond reason.  I will hope for the best, but I'm expecting the worst.

SECRET WARS LIVE KICKOFF! (Article) - 1/23/2015 12:00:20 PM

 I thought the late 80's and early 90's was the era of worthless #1' know, the age of endless reprints?  When you could buy Jim Lee's X-Men #1, X-Force #1, Spawn #1, etc. in packages at Toys R' Us?  I remember the 2 weeks when the Death of Superman actually registered in the price guide.

Gotham Renewed for Season 2 (Article) - 1/19/2015 8:03:11 PM

 In the DC criminal justice system, violent crimes are often unbelievable and hilarious.  In Gotham City, these crimes are investigated by recently promoted dectives out of their element, and others who kick fellow detecives in the knee.  These are their stories.  *DONG DONG*

Gotham Renewed for Season 2 (Article) - 1/19/2015 7:36:47 PM

 We've got a guy killing people with weathe balloons!  QUICK!  Somebody get me Adam West and Burt Ward on The I Can't Believe It's Not Bat-Phone!

Gotham Renewed for Season 2 (Article) - 1/19/2015 1:23:33 PM

 Uh...if fans aren't taking it for what it is, monkeyfoot, I would say that's less a problem with the fanboys and more a problem for the show itself.

Gotham Renewed for Season 2 (Article) - 1/18/2015 7:46:17 PM

 Oohballs - what I would like to see from Gotham is commitment to a tone.  Either be a crime drama or be a comic book romp.  Basically, to me, it feels like it's trying to be part "Batman Begins" and part "Batman & Robin", and it REALLY doesn't work for me.  And if it REALLY is supposed to be Jim Gordon's story, leave pubeless Bruce Wayne out of the equation - he should be in 2 episodes a season, tops.  

Outcast Trailer (Article) - 1/18/2015 4:14:42 PM

 Muenster - I'm not sure it's Hayden's acting that's improved, I think it's just him not being directed by George Lucas.  I've seen him in other things before "Attack of the Clones", and he wasn't half bad...hell, in "Life As a House" he was actually really good.


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