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Aaron Paul for Star Wars Spin Off?! (Article) - 1/8/2015 4:15:59 AM

almostunbiased -

From the description Mayhem provided, I suspect he's referring to the Crispin trilogy.  I haven't read it, but I have read the Daley trilogy, and none of the things mentioned were in that.


New Harry Potter Stories Coming! (Article) - 12/13/2014 10:25:04 PM

I wish they would quit pushing these short two- and three paragraph blurbs as "Harry Potter stories."  These brief little character descriptions are not "stories."  They're outlines.  They're nothing. They are outlines she should be using to WRITE REAL STORIES. 

If she truly is done writing Harry Potter, she should quit teasing her readers with it.



Mania Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings (Article) - 12/12/2014 4:58:32 AM

eldrik - liar, it's about Christian(s) Bale!



;)   (I kid, I kid)



Mania Review: The Pyramid (Article) - 12/6/2014 1:06:12 AM

You gave it a D, but it sounds like an F....

Orci out as Star Trek 3 Director (Article) - 12/6/2014 12:47:21 AM

Agreed, SarcasticCaveman.  Or Nicholas Meyer, or Leonard Nimoy (although I don't think his health is so hot) ... even William Shatner (as long as they kept him away from the script, lol) 



Star Wars The Force Awakens arrives on iTunes Black Friday (Article) - 11/26/2014 2:41:48 PM

I disagree.  I think it's silly making movie trailers into some kind of special event.  Now we're using trailers to sell OTHER movies.  (Such and such a trailer is going to be attached to such and such a movie!  Here's a useless teaser for the trailer!)  Okay, fine.  Barely.  But giving a trailer a limited run is just silly. Ridiculous. The idea is to sell a movie, not the trailer.  The trailer is the means to that end. 

Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Screening Details (Article) - 11/25/2014 1:37:18 AM

Too far to drive on the highway... but the Information Superhighway is another story!  :D


CINDERELLA: Official Full Trailer (Article) - 11/20/2014 2:54:55 AM

Sanity - Yep!  It's Robb Stark, Belatrix LeStrange, and Galadriel!  :D

Exodus: Gods and Kings Movie CLIP - Strength (Article) - 11/16/2014 5:04:21 PM

Onslow Stevens still rules!

Mania Review: The Book of Life (Article) - 10/21/2014 2:23:51 AM

Looks neat but as I watched the trailer, I couldn't help but feel like I was on a revved up, steroids-enhanced version of DIsney's "It's a Small World" ride at the Magic Kingdom....




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