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Has CONAN been cast? (Article) - 6/19/2009 4:45:38 PM

How about Jay Leno?  He's available.... 







INDY V Has Begun (Article) - 6/19/2009 4:41:17 PM

I figure Indy 5 will be at least on par with Last Crusade.


Indy 1: rocked

Indy 2: lame

Indy 3: rocked because they knew they better not screw it up again!

Indy 4: lame

Hopefully they know they better not screw up again if they do Indy 5.

Of course, Lucas managed to screw up an entire trilogy of movies that should've rocked, so I dunno....


FUTURAMA is Back! (Article) - 6/15/2009 3:16:49 PM

Xzane - LOL that's the first thing I thought as well.  Never happen tho.... unfortunately!


ROY ROGERS Trilogy Coming (Article) - 6/15/2009 3:02:31 PM

Yea, I agree with the other posters.  This is kind of a funny and dated franchise.  Still, if done well, it might've worked, if not for that "family fantasy adventure" thing....

Weaver Joining PAUL (Article) - 6/5/2009 2:10:58 PM

Wait... is this a sequel?  No.... no... wait I got it!  It's a remake! 



It's an original idea?


Must be made in Canada.   ;) 



Preview: G.I.JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA (Article) - 6/1/2009 9:34:23 AM

I kept thinking, "how '80s'"... the dialogue, the steady camera (God, I miss being able to SEE the action as it occurs in modern actioners).... it really looks like someone took a mindless '80s action movie and gave it mind-blowing special effects.

The Khan Quagmire (Article) - 5/26/2009 3:34:08 PM

And now, to indulge in my Trekkie Geekiness!   :) 

1. Saavik was half Romulan (as I believe was pointed out elsewhere)

2. Terrel's phaser was disintegrated because he was still holding it.  The energy coming out of the phaser was indiscriminate.  It didn't care that the phaser was its source.  It had a connection through Terrel's hand, so it destroyed the phaser.

3. McCoy saw a lab rat.  After all, It was Spacelab Regulus One (not Regula, if I may quibble (some more)... but it is pronounced "Regula." :)  )  I think it's pretty unlikely that there would be a rat crawling around the station if it wasn't invited. As to how it got out of its cage? Well, perhaps some Enterprising fan out there could write a short story.... Maybe it was Jerry.  Look around some more. I bet Tom is lurking nearby.... ;) 

4. (In reponse to some of the comments):  The Original Series Enterprise had 430 crewmembers, not 100. 

Incidentally, have you actually seen the seens with Peter Preston in them?  IMO, they are awkward and they interrupt the flow of the story; as do many of the scenes that were cut from this,  Personally, I don't miss his scenes a bit.

Had to get my 2 cents in... I've been a Trekkie since the second grade (I'm 42 now.)  As the MovieLord said, it's all in fun.  :) 



BASTERDS Prequel Planned (Article) - 5/13/2009 9:50:45 AM

SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABLE squabble squabble squabble squabble squabble squabble squabble squabble squabble squabble squabble squabble THIS is why I hardly ever participate in forum conversations.  Trolls, haters, and people who feed both.


*Y A W N*



Mania Giveaway: Star Trek Scene It? (Article) - 4/6/2009 3:19:33 PM

We were at a con in Hunt Vally, MD several years ago, and Walter Koenig was there. At one point during the afternoon, Mr. Koenig was heading up the escalator towards the dealer area. As it happened, several very large Klingons were milling about at the top of the escalator. They were not aware that Mr. Koenig was coming up the escalator. As he began to step off, one of the Klingons said in a very loud, brash voice, "Now where the hell is this little Chekov dude that's supposed to be here?"

Walter stepped off the escalator, did an immediate U-turn onto the Down-escalator, and hurried out of sight.


(I didn't witness this personally, I was in the lobby. Several of my friends related this story to me.)

Big PS3 Announcement Tomorrow (Article) - 3/30/2009 1:05:13 PM

"Other theories include a price drop in the PS2 or PSP"


Sounds more like wishful thinking to me.  After all, how would a PS2 or PSP price drop be a "Big PS--3-- announcement?"




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