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A Good Day To Die Hard Official Trailer #3 (Article) - 1/5/2013 12:37:38 AM

Die Hard 1: OMG new bar set

Die Hard 2: Feh. Obvious sequel with expected weaknesses

Die Hard 3: Surprisingly decent, still not as good as the first, but definitely surpasses the second; enjoyable flick

Die Hard 4: I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this. Still not as good as the first, but far surpasses the second, and better than the third

Die Hard 5: TBA


NEW Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer (Article) - 12/18/2012 8:41:21 PM

hfc7036 - Gotta disagree with you - mixing Khan and Gary Mitchell into one character wouldn't make sense, because it's not an alternate universe, it's an alternate timeline, and that's a pretty important distinction.

Indiana Jones 5 Update (Article) - 7/23/2012 8:03:46 PM

Huh.... so there was a script in the works, but it turns out there isn't?  Guess that makes this more of a "downdate."

The New Q in Skyfall (Article) - 7/18/2012 8:12:30 AM

HookedonAvengers - missed your comment...   Oh well, no biggie... consider my post a bump for yours then!  ;)


The New Q in Skyfall (Article) - 7/16/2012 2:13:56 PM

I think John DeLancie should play Q.  ;) 



TV Wasteland: Fare Thee Well Eureka (Article) - 7/16/2012 2:10:53 PM

Fenngibbon wrote: "And Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Better than Temple of Doom."

Meh. Temple of Doom was decently scripted and generally coherent. I grant you that KCS provided some nice character development and ToD treated Indy more as a cardboard adventurer. I also grant you that ToD had Willie and Short Round, which DOES very nearly derail most of my statement here, especially in the case of Willie. But overall, there is something more frenetic and exotic about ToD that makes it more entertaining and exciting to me than KCS.

Star Trek: TNG 25th Anniversary Event (Article) - 7/2/2012 8:57:04 AM

Strictly season 1: Measure of a Man and Arsenal of Freedom

Series as a whole: Best of Both Worlds parts one and two, and if I can cheat and count BOBW as one episode, Yesterday's Enterprise



Bay moving on after Transformers 4 (Article) - 6/9/2012 1:36:16 PM

Everybody's so pissy! Okay, listen up: gauleyboy, quit tattling. Lazrus, quit saying "faggot." Zilla, I like apples. Don't mess with my apples. Whiskeymovie, heh. You said "pumped."


(tongue firmly in cheek.  ;)  )



Mania Review: Prometheus (Article) - 6/8/2012 4:58:53 PM

jyansr - weren't there more engineers in hypersleep pods though? I figure the xeno, finding little to prey upon in the escap ship, wanders out and finds the larger ship and eventually the other engineers in their pods. Go from there....


Jackson joins Robocop (Article) - 6/7/2012 4:54:58 PM

Hanso, all your jokes are gay.  :P



(sorry, couldn't resist, actually your humor is top notch, but you left me an opening that I couldn't resist  ;)  )



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