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Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Spotted! (Article) - 9/10/2014 7:35:52 PM

You think there won't be green screens? Or are they just going to pick up a full size Millennium Falcon and plunk it down on whatever full-size no-cgi-anywhere set they've created?

The Pyramid Trailer (Article) - 8/26/2014 3:49:59 PM

Doesn't look very 'found footage'.

First Look: New Superman Suit Spotted! (Article) - 8/20/2014 7:06:33 PM

Looks like the muscles are painted on? Cavill's got the physique, they didn't do that in MoS, so why now? Or is it added moulding? Or just the way the light is catching the suit?

The Summer of '84: Revenge of the Nerds (Article) - 7/22/2014 4:00:51 PM

Booger winning the belching contest was always the highlight for me. Cop that Ogre! The rest of it is terrible, creepy and terrible.

ALIENS ON THE MOON: THE TRUTH EXPOSED (Article) - 7/8/2014 3:22:04 AM

Oh good lord....

RVaux (Profile) - 7/5/2014 2:02:27 AM

Mr Vaux - You are a God amongst insects! Never let anyone tell you different!

Tom Cruise for Star Wars? (Article) - 6/23/2014 4:34:47 PM

N'Sync were offered roles as extras by Rick McCallum during a set visit, just as people milling about in a background scene, or Jedi in the background on Geonosis or something like that. But the outcry was so huge that the group themselves announced that they wouldn't appear because they didn't want to piss people off. But yeah, I agree, stunt-cameos are jarring and someone like Tom Cruise appearing like that in a Star Wars film would be a mistake.

Top 10 Reasons Why Everything is Awesome (The Lego Movie) (Article) - 6/16/2014 1:49:04 AM

Yep, this movie was truly awesome for all the above reasons!

Jason Momoa for Aquaman?! (Article) - 6/15/2014 12:28:53 AM

Doesn't look like Aquaman? *cough* just-add-peroxide *cough*

Canceled Star Wars: Underworld (Article) - 6/13/2014 4:21:27 AM

That is awesome news about Lando being in Rebels though :)


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