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Doctor Who: Mummy on the Orient Express Review (Article) - 10/14/2014 11:48:21 AM

Are you my Mummy?

Ghostbusters 3 is Happening (Officially) (Article) - 10/9/2014 8:17:41 AM

I certainly will give it a shot.  I love loved the series, the actors, the toys, the games, the legos and everything ghostbusters for a long time.  Even a semi-enjoyable movie will seem like a success after they have been trying to get this project moving for the last decade. 

IF Aykroyd wants to make a new franchise and a couple more sequals including this, maybe find some new hungry actresses instead of retrying what hollywood has already spit out at us.

Dexter: Are We There Yet? Review (Article) - 8/20/2013 9:14:28 AM

I thought this episode was more funny than anything else.  A regular family of psychos sitting at the dinner table.

The Walking Dead: The Suicide King Review (Article) - 2/12/2013 4:21:58 AM

Michonne can just say that Rick never asked.

Clone Wars Clip: The Lawless (Article) - 1/31/2013 4:49:06 AM

thank you series for being interesting again

Official Lucasfilm Press Release on Abrams Directing Episode VII (Article) - 1/28/2013 2:06:47 PM

I am thrilled that JJ is taking the helm for my beloved Star Wars, but to think how many years ago it was when the hardcore SW fans held such resentment for ST and vise versa.  Now we have the man with some of the best cinema and television under his belt I have ever seen resuurect BOTH. 

Now all I have to do is resist camping out in front of the theater for two years.  Two years for a new star wars seems like a dream.  It is a good time to be a SW ST Marvel Whovian thats for sure.

Clone Wars: Shades of Reason Review (Article) - 1/28/2013 10:15:47 AM

At least we have moved on from a younglings arc AND a droids arc.  This arc is far superior in what we have seen so far. 

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Point of No Return Clip (Article) - 1/11/2013 5:16:33 AM

Nobody is saying R2 isnt great, but after 5 seasons of droids, jedi in their hayday, grevious, clones, even that annoying pirate is more interesting than this arc.  I almost hate to admit that I enjoy looking at the scenery (or lack thereof in this case) than was was going on.  The visuals on the planet and when they were going through the meteor shower/belt were great.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Point of No Return Clip (Article) - 1/10/2013 9:04:13 AM

When is this arc going to end?  There is no reason why we need five episodes with nothing but droids and a stupid little frog.

Doctor Who: The Snowmen Review (Article) - 1/4/2013 4:59:03 AM

The Doctor has always been deeply emotional.  Having being damaged the way he has there is no wonder why he would be so vulnerable to the pretty faces that just happen to wag their tail in front of him.  The show has never really been about war and action, but love and redemtpion, a kind of unconditional love no matter whom they are or their motives.  How many times have we seen the doctor try to save (before ultimately being forced to outwit) those that are trying to exterminate him.  The Uum were originally portrayed as the villian, killing numerous captors, but the doctor saw to forgive both sides and find a solution.    


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