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Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/7/2007 2:03:34 AM

Metalwater, just a couple of notes... most of the cartoons you've mentioned have already been optioned as movies. All of the ones you mentioned in your first post, (Gundam, Robotech, Akira, Yamato, and G Force) have been optioned for either a live action movie or a CGI one. The Robotech option, in particular, has been held for quite a long time. If I remember correctly, Akira is currently held by either WB or Paramount... I think it's WB. The same company that did the recent TMNT movie just optioned G Force and they are rumored to have optioned Yamato as well. Harlock's been optioned so many times now I've lost count... course, it's been held primarily in Japanese hands. Johnny Quest? Optioned already. Thundaar? Optioned. What's going on? A film getting optioned is no guarantee of it being greenlit. Generally, it means that a production company now has the rights to make a film, under certain conditions... usually if you don't make the film in a certain amount of time, usually a few years, ownership of the rights reverts to the creators. Problem is, these options can be further sold among production companies, and are seen as leverage tools... hence, you may option something just to keep someone else from getting it. As for Thundercats... it was one of a handful of shows where you actually saw the characters grow and change over the years. Mumm-Ra lost his aversion to his reflection, for example. (In gaming terms, they spent their xp buying off their disadvantages.) I, for one, loved the show as a kid, and would like to see a big screen version, but only if it's done properly... it's not a comedy, it takes itself seriously, and it doesn't look like poodles in spandex. Oh, I forgot one thing... Disney is working on a new version of Tron... not a sequel, but an update of the original to modern day tech and CGI. Believe me, Disney has NOT forgotten that particular little gem... especially after Lassiter calls it "one of my inspirations for founding Pixar." Squid

Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/2/2007 2:20:49 AM

Umm.... folks, first of all, it isn't a "theme park". It's an island, (themed land) at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Each island averages around 25 acres or so, and there are 6 of them. In clockwise order from entry... Port of Entry, Marvel Superhero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, Lost Continent, and Seuss Landing. (They're not "islands" either... they're not completely surrounded by water. They're just themed zones of the park.) HP is going to be an overlay over the Lost Continent area, and will extend into the backstage areas of the park as well. Lost Continent will shrink in size to a handful of acres, while most of the attractions in LC will be either rethemed or reworked to match HP. Mythos, (the #1 theme park restaurant in the world,) will remain as it currently is in LC. This isn't going to be a park with it's own gate and entrance fee... it's going to be part of another park. Personally, I think they should have made this it's own park, making a third park on their resort. If you want a size comparison, Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is 120 acres. 20 acres isn't enough room for a full sized park, but it is big enough for a themed area in a park. Bear in mind that Islands of Adventure was voted the Best Theme Park in the world in this year's Golden Ticket Awards, (the equivalent of the Oscars for the theme park industry, voted on by industry professionals,) so Universal knows what it's doing when making rides and attractions based around licensed properties, such as Jurassic Park, the Simpsons, Back to the Future, Jaws, E.T., etc. Opening for the new island is expected to be sometime in late 2009 or early 2010. While I'm at it... why doesn't Mania have a section devoted to theme parks? It covers almost every other form of entertainment out there. Squid


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