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82nd Academy Award Winners Are (Article) - 3/8/2010 7:46:39 AM

I figured there would be a hell of a lot more weeping going on...I'm utterly amazed at the sheer number of people on this site who think Avatar did NOT deserve to win.  I just wonder how many of you, like me, were able to see it for what it was going to be from the very first preview.  I said it before, and I say it again now...DANCES........WITH.........WOLVES.........IN.........SPACE..........oh, sorry, Dances With Wolves on and alien planet for you anal retentive nitpickers.  And how BAD does a movie have to be when KEVIN COSTNER (may he die a painful death and rot in hell) won an Oscar with absolutely no CGI?

AVATAR Tops Titanic Record (Article) - 2/5/2010 10:19:37 AM

I'd like to order a roast beef and swiss on rye, no crust, lite mayo, and just a tad of spicy brown mustard mixed in with yellow mustard...we're having a business lunch to discuss our widget sales...oh, and IMAX totally inflated gross box office yield.

AVATAR Breaks $300 Million (Article) - 1/6/2010 12:20:11 AM

Not that I don't appreciate the support and your humor, but please don't be going around saying you're me, even when you're joking.

AVATAR Breaks $300 Million (Article) - 1/5/2010 6:22:37 PM

For the record, caveman is the one to come up with crucified.  I think that takes things to a ridiculous degree.  However Wiseguy, whereas myself and Hobbs would USUALLY make blanket statements as you said in your post above, YOU were the one who always called ME out by name, anyway.  Why do you feel the need to retaliate on such a personal level to everybody?  I don't want sympathy from anybody here and I don't want an apology from anybody, but really, what the hell?  Even every time I thought we were cool, you'd say something about me to somebody else as if I don't care or don't exist, one or the other.  Quite frankly, I'm past caring.  I'm going to start buying Entertainment Weekly.

DOLLHOUSE Canceled (Article) - 11/13/2009 3:30:34 PM

And I would have liked to have seen more of Dollhouse, but if the ratings were bad, they were bad.  Although, I'm not sure putting it on Fridays was really a fair shake.  Not many shows  have survived very long in recent years on Fridays, as Friday is generally "date night" or "family night out" always was for my family.  In fact, I'm pretty sure the most successful Friday night show in the last couple decades was X-Files, and they finally moved it to Sunday nights, giving it the timeslot it deserved.  And most young married couples use Fridays as their date's an idea...try putting shows like House, which can get good ratings in it's sleep, on Friday nights, and put an experimental show on Tuesday or Thursday.  That would truly give the show an even shot of getting ratings and see if anybody is going to care about it or not.  It's like Kevin Smith has said about comic books, he could work on titles like X-Men, but he doesn't want to.  The name is already so popular, they sell themselves...that's why he's done titles like Daredevil and Green Arrow and Black Cat...take the ones nobody cares about and make them bestsellers.  I mean, say what you want about the tardiness of some of his work, the results speak for themselves.  So yeah, apply the same theory to TV...shows that already have a strong following, Fridays...shows that they want to test the market with, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

DOLLHOUSE Canceled (Article) - 11/13/2009 3:22:38 PM

Here here, keithdaniel...something we can agree on!  I can't see how Buffy and Angel were formulaic...or at least the times they were, they acknowledged in by making corny jokes and playing it very tongue in cheek.  I love the Buffy universe...if you just watched a funny episode, WATCH OUT!  Next week Joyce will die or Fred will be taken over by an ancient demon, and her soul destroyed in the fires of resurrection...I guess one COULD argue that they were formulaic in the fact that main characters won't be happy for too long.  Buffy and Angel are happy?  Uh oh, better take away Angel's soul...Buffy and Angel getting boring?  Uh oh, better have Angel leave at the end of season 3 to start his own spin off...Cordelia and Angel about to be happy?  Uh oh, better have Angel's bastard son raised in a hell dimension sink him to the bottom of the ocean...Xander and Anya happy?  Uh oh, better have Xander leave her at the altar.  Willow and Tara back together?  We can't have that, better kill off Tara and make Willow almost destroy the world.  So yeah, maybe the shows were formulaic, but what an AWESOME formula!  LOL

RAMBO 5 Not Savage (Article) - 11/13/2009 1:57:01 PM

Besides, wasn't Rambo 3 already kind of scifi-ish?  In what world could one man kill that many people and blow up that many tanks with a machine gun and a bow?

SHAZAM! Writer Speaks (Article) - 11/12/2009 3:09:12 PM

Gotta say, I still like X-Men 3, but that story does sound MUCH cooler.

5 Rules for an X Men Reboot (Article) - 11/11/2009 11:55:54 AM

If they do another entry into the series, a lot of people would gripe and complain...if they reboot the series, a lot of people would gripe and complain...if they cast a 6'2 actor to play a 5'0 character, people would gripe and complain...oh wait, that one happened already...just pointing out that no matter WHAT a movie company does, they're not going to please everybody.  We can each talk about what we personally would be cool, but there is no clear SHOULD on what a movie company SHOULD do.  They just have to play the numbers and make movies for what they think will be the broadest audience and hope more people cheer than gripe and complain.

5 Rules for an X Men Reboot (Article) - 11/11/2009 11:33:33 AM

finshadytoo, who in the Watchmen wore spandex in the movie, and why were you unable to take their costumes seriously?  They had the good sense to change the only bright yellow and purple costume to a more toned down version, and nobody was wearing spandex...well,  I don't know, is Rorschac's mask made of spandex? 

Anyway, I think this is a good list also.  I thought the first two movies were pretty good, and even didn't mind the third one as much as the rest of you do (I STILL say you all hated X3 and love Superman Returns because you're used to love Bryan Singer and hating Brett Ratner), but the series could use a fresh start under a fresh company, with character profiles in place.  I hadn't really thought about that point before. 


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