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James McAvoy joins "Star Trek XI"? (Article) - 1/26/2007 3:35:03 AM

Okay, I thought this movie was going to be about young Kirk and Spock, even though there has never been ANYTHING in the series to suggest that they knew each other prior to serving on board the Enterprise during the classic series' "5 Year Mission" which ended up only being 3. Now it seems as though they might just have EVERYBODY appear in the film. Anybody else think this is sounding a little retarded? Don't get me wrong, I'm a Trek fan, and I'm sure I'll shelling out my $9.00 at the box office just like everybody else, but I'm dreading the amount of disappointment I'm expecting to be hit with. And if they ARE insisting on recasting EVERYBODY, why do they have to bring in Matt Damon as Kirk? I like him and all, but he is just not Kirk. I don't know who could be Kirk, but not Matt Damon. The feeling I have of Matt Damon playing Kirk is very similar to the feeling I had when Nicholas Cage almost played Superman in the late 90's. I think he's a great actor, but he's NOT Superman. I don't mind the actor who plays Sylar for Spock though. Interesting casting there.

"Indy 4" News (Article) - 1/24/2007 2:18:45 PM

I think I can honestly say, muchdrama, that I'm the one who is not one bit excited about this movie. I used to really want it, but I could or could not see it now. Don't get me wrong, IF it ever does actually come out, I'll probably go and check it out, but to say that I'm excited about it would be a gross overstatement. First off, I've been told WAAAY too many times before that there's a script, that filming is starting soon, that Speilberg and Lucas agree...I REALLY don't care anymore. Then there's Lucas. As I understand it, HE's the one who is always turning down scripts. My personal theory is that none of the scripts call for enough cartoon characters or amphibious jamaican characatures. I really think now that they should just let the trilogy lie as it is now. Even though I HATE "Temple of Doom", and would rather forget about it completely and have a new movie be MY third movie in a trilogy, I would rather keep "Temple" and avoid any horrible sequals. I'll bet that George Lucas is, right now, working on a way to redo "Raiders" so that Indy somehow kicks the boulder's ass in the first few minutes there.


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