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Mania Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (Article) - 7/3/2012 8:02:43 AM

It's nice to read at least one review that doesn't slam the Raimi films.

Curse of Chucky Update (Article) - 6/25/2012 12:21:57 PM

I hope whomever wrote that last paragraph isn't employed in marketing.  It sounds like the ramblings of a 14-year-old pimply kid with too much soda and Milky Ways in him.

Summer of '82: The Thing (Article) - 6/25/2012 9:03:19 AM

It wasn't until I was in college that I saw John Carpenter's masterful The Thing and I have held it in the highest regards since.  The true test of any horror film is whether or not you still get scared after multiple viewings.  This film is one of the rare ones that does.

DVD Shopping Bag: Sherlock, Spidey, and Ghost Rider (Article) - 6/13/2012 5:43:36 AM

Those Spider-Man cases have to be the ugliest I've ever seen.

DVD Shopping Bag: Gremlins and Gremlins 2 on Blu-ray (Article) - 5/1/2012 12:39:12 PM

@muddseye - On the updated effects in ST:TOS and in particularly The Doomsday Machine

The Doomsday Machine is hands-down my favorite ST episode.  As a kid the story kept me enthralled and the doomsday machine itself was the stuff of nightmares.  When I got older, I still loved the episode even if the suspence and terror of it had gone out.  When I saw the episode just a few months ago for the first time with updated effects, I was scared all over again.  The team that updated the effects did just enough not to make them jarring against the rest of the episode's footage but the machine had more depth, weight and was completely menacing.  I really can't put my finger on the main difference but the instant reaction it got from me was undeniable.  The scene with the commander taking the shuttle into the machine was almost unbearable to watch out of sheer tension.  I would recommend this episode to anyone (old or new effects) and I personally can't wait to see the new HD updates they are currently doing to The Next Generation. 

Mania Interview: Joss Whedon (Article) - 5/1/2012 9:38:27 AM

@Tevil - Actually, the movies have been borrowing elements from the mainstream Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe and creating their own identities while trying to stay true to the source material.  Nick Fury is black and forms the Ultimates as a part of Shield in the Ultimate Universe and those elements are in the movies.  Yet, Bucky fights alongside Cap in WWII and (SPOILER ALERT) is seemingly killed like in the mainstream Marvel Universe.  I think this is why some of the Marvel representatives have started calling the movies the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It borrows from the two comic lines, stays true to the original feel but has its own identity.

100 Years of Universal Horror (Article) - 4/30/2012 11:12:52 AM

Even in its low times, Universal has been my favorite studio.  I hope it lasts another 100.

The Geek Life: Movie Music Maniac (Article) - 3/28/2012 5:34:21 AM

My iPhone is loaded with movie scores as well.  The most frustrating part of being a "score keeper" is when a studio decides not to release the score of a film you really want.  Spider-Man 3 was a terrible movie but Christopher Young's original score pieces for Sandman (influenced by Frankenstein) and Venom (influenced by 50's flying saucer movies) were easily the best of the triolgy but sadly a score was never released.  Kick-Ass' score was comprised of original works as well as pieces from other films and created one of the best sounds and moods for a superhero film.  To date, the only place to get the score is an overseas print.  Why would it not be on iTunes?

Thanks for the article and I will be sure to check out the sites above.

10 Little Known Fantasy Films (Article) - 3/1/2011 5:50:13 AM

I watched Dragonslayer every chance I had when it was on HBO.  By far one of my favorite films.

9 Great Scenery Chewers (Article) - 2/22/2011 6:15:47 AM

A good list but you picked the wrong Frank Langella performance.  His turn as Skeletor in the abysmal Masters of the Universe movie makes Jeremy Irons performance in D & D look tame.



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