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True Blood: Sunset Review (Article) - 8/20/2012 1:02:40 PM

Pam ...I may be getting older in my life but she is the VILF of the week to me.

10 Best Movie Assassins (Article) - 8/8/2012 12:55:00 PM

Reggie Jackson in the Naked Gun one saw that coming ...he would have had the queen too if the fat lady didn't land on him.

Shock-O-Rama: The Blob (Article) - 6/30/2012 10:37:43 AM

Saw the Blob when I was a young child growing up in the early 70's and that movie traumatized me with the scene of the Blob getting the auto mechanic under the car in his shop. Every night before I went to sleep I'd check under my bed for the Blob ...true story.

We Cast Avengers 2 (Article) - 5/4/2012 10:19:24 AM

I saw the midnight screening of Avengers in 3D IMAX last night and I have to agree with Violater ....MY MIND IS BLOWN. I saw every teaser , every clip of this movie that was out in the months leading up and I was feeling going in that I had already seen 1/2 the damn movie. Needless to say there was so much more to it than those clips. Joss Whedon completely crushed this movie has raised the bar for what a comic book character driven movie can be. I almost feel bad for DC right now watch the clip for The Dark Knight Returns before the Avengers and after watching the Avengers you are just feeling meh about it. Granted I know its a clip , but TDK had an awesome villian played by an awesome performance by Heath Ledger and that is going to be hard to top. Marvel/Disney right now has a license to print money and if they keep making these movie right like they did with The Avengers then folks we are truly going to be living in the golden times to be a fanboy geek.

Mania Box Office Report: Avengers Assemble (Article) - 4/29/2012 9:23:57 PM

My prediction , The Avengers is the top grossing comic book movie of all time. Sorry Dark Knight ..but I just see it happening.

Avengers Spinoffs (Article) - 4/18/2012 11:39:45 AM

I'm going on record right now with this statement, the Avengers will be the highest grossing comic book character driven movie of all time. This is a movie thats growing beyond what it was conceived and will be an event , one of which you will want to see more than once. Marvel has a license to print money with this movie and their shareholders and what not are going to be VERY happy. All due respect to Christopher Nolan and what he's accomplished with BatMan and the excellent performance he got out of the late Heath Ledger ...his movie will have to accept being the runner up in the superhero movie sweepstakes this year. There is just a vibe out there for the Avengers that I'm not getting from TDKR. One point , I'm a 42 year old man who grew up with the comics of the 80's and 90's , my friends from school are the same age. We had the Batmans and they were fine for the time ...but cmon none of us truly thought we would see a big budget , awesome looking Avengers movie in our lifetime. We are all going to go , my friends will be taking their kids to see it let them see what we could only dream about 20 years ago. X-Men 1 and 2 , Spiderman 1 and 2 , Thor , Captain America , Iron Man 1 and 2 , etc etc ...quality movies that blow me away when compared to pirated clips of Corman's Fantastic Four , that dreaful Captain America movie with an Italian Red Skull , etc .

Norris in Expendables 2 image (Article) - 4/18/2012 11:19:16 AM

Chuck Norris vs Prometheus/Aliens : Face huggers skitter away from Chuck out of respect ...Aliens want no piece of Chuck his blood BURNS them.

Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire Review (Article) - 3/20/2012 12:48:28 AM

Wow ...what a fail review of this episode. The zombie herd will follow a noise , gunshot ,etc ...the zombie is running on the most basic instinct and does not reason . When some start walking , others just follow and the herd forms and will keep walking down the path of least resistance til something attracts its attention Shane's gunshot. As they showed in the first episode the zombie will speed up when it senses food ...remember them "running" after Rick on his soon to be nomnomnomed horse? Lastly the zombie horde would leave the horse because of the new stimili ..the helicopter sound ...because eating is a primal instinct but not a necessary one for the zombie. The gripes about Andrea ..remember people when she left running from the farm it was nighttime ...the zombies were chasing ...probably homing in on the smell. I can only imagine the smell a freaked out , probably soiled herself , sweating woman would be to them. She's running all night , carrying a gun bag with no rhyme or reason as to where to go. She is tiring , the zombies all around her are not.

As for Herschel and his alledged never ending ammo was established he knew how to shoot from back at the bar gun battle. He's stationary , shooting at a slow moving target thats not exactly trying to be all ninja evasive while coming at him. We don't see the entire fight , so I'll accept when they are cutting away to others he's reloading ..cmon its a show about zombies ...some leeway can be given. As for the rest of them shooting from moving vehicles ...well ...they should have added alot more misses and non head wounds to make it more believable imo. No my biggest gripe with this episode happened in the barn. When Rick hands his son the lighter and tells him to drop it at his signal , that to me was needless Hollywood gobblygook. Besides the fact you are wasting a good lighter and are banking on it staying lit from a drop of what ...15 feet or more ...and to hit the gas or the fumes from it wasn't believable to me. Lighting a bale of hay and knocking it over the edge for example would have been more believable to me. There has been alot of shoddy writing this season and I'm going to chalk it up with the chaos of Darabont's firing and characters getting killed off earlier than they had originally planned on. A good writer steps into the characters shoes and should have the action or dialogue written that is in step with the character and the world around it. In the Walking Dead world for example ....locking the doors in the RV you are driving would be the FIRST thing I'd be doing ...just in case. We all pretty much knew Jimmy was going to be zombie chow but they could have had his death more believable parked too close to the burning barn , RV catches on fire , and he gets munched on as he is trying to escape for example. Anyhow , I hope the writers get time to really tighten the writing up this coming season , the season 2 finale was excellent in my opinion and I'm looking forward to season 3.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 6/14/2009 10:51:51 PM

Great episode ! As for what MaryAnn is I do believe Mr.Big is right , something to do with Circe from the Oddessy who turned half the hero's men into pigs after stuffing them with food and wine. Greek art , painting , etc decorates her house , so thats what I am guessing its all about. Lastly , great twist with it not being Lafayette in the back of the char , he's one of my favorite chars on the show.


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