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First PREDATORS Trailer Online (Article) - 3/20/2010 9:06:49 AM

 At least it looks better than those AVP movies...

Please don't screw this up, Rodriguez!

JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS Review (Article) - 2/24/2010 11:45:22 AM

I actually liked this better than Supes/Bats or even Green Latern.  For one thing, the animation just seemed to be higher quality, especially compared to Superman/Batman.  Yeah, this would have been better with the familiar voices we love portraying Superman, Batman, and the rest, but overall I thought they did a good job.

Great battle scenes, and while there wasn't too much of an overarching plot, this movie delivered what I expect from these direct to DVD specials, which I can't say about all of the recent DC animated films.

Lost: Lighthouse Review (Article) - 2/24/2010 11:25:11 AM

Great review Joe, and I agree with your overall grade.  And I know you must have loved all the mirror stuff!

Haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but forgive me if someone has -- anyone notice Hurley is wearing a RED SHIRT?  And remember the Locke/Boone conversation from waaaaaay back in Season One about what a red shirt signifies in Star Trek?

Is this Lost's way of telling us Hurley is soon to be no more?  Say it's not so!

Lost: The Substitute (Article) - 2/18/2010 5:20:57 AM

Haven't commented on the return of Lost too much, but I thought the premiere was great, the episode the week after was meh, and this latest episode was back to being solid.  Still love the series, and I know we're in for a last epic season.

Whatever complaints some people have about the show, I think it's the best sci-fi tv out there.  What comes close?  Fringe?  V?  Flashforward?  Lost blows them all away.

24: 10:00 %u2013 11:00pm Review (Article) - 2/9/2010 9:33:36 PM

I don't know about a "D" grade either.  But I am getting more and more annoyed by the Dana Walsh subplot.  So your ex-boyfriend shows up and you're worried he'll reveal that you're an ex-con?  Well, the obvious solution is to help him carry out another crime -- he'll never have anything to hold over you then, and you can totally count on his promise to leave you alone afterwards!  

In the meantime, no one will notice you're completely distracted and leaving the CTU building every five minutes, while loose nukes are what's at stake.  Bleh.

Meet the new CONAN! (Article) - 1/22/2010 11:40:17 AM

Thanks, millean.  I might rent the Iron Man one then, and see how it is.  It's too bad they're not up to DC, but then with people like Bruce Timm doing his cartoons for so many years, they probably have a lot more experience and talent over there.

Meet the new CONAN! (Article) - 1/22/2010 11:00:14 AM

 Can anyone tell me if Marvel's animated features have gotten as high quality as DC's?  I stopped buying Marvel's stuff after seeing their first Ultimate Avengers movie, which was terrible.

SIEGE #1 Review (Article) - 1/19/2010 8:16:31 PM

I want to like this, but I'm not quite sold.  To be honest I'm enjoying Blackest Night more, even though I'm not hugely enthusiastic about it.

I used to consider myself a huge Marvel guy, but if this book didn't thrill me the way it did some of you, I wonder if that's changing.

13 Video Game Women That Kick Ass (Article) - 1/6/2010 6:06:14 PM

I'll tell you why Princess Peach doesn't defend herself -- because like so many other beautiful, high maintenance dames, she is all about the drama!

AVATAR Grabs $19 Mil Monday (Article) - 12/30/2009 8:16:22 AM

I doubted the movie would surpass Dark Knight, so it'll be interesting to see what the final numbers are.  It's too bad Avatar can't knock Titanic off the top spot itself -- it always annoyed me such a girlie movie was the biggest film of all time.  


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