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What would we do without silliness?

2/12/2013 9:28:10 AM permalink

         Anyone can post anything on Youtube, and anyone can put anything on the internet almost wherever they want to, forums, blogs, news letters, etc. so why is it supprising that we find so many fake and misleading things online? I recently came across an article about a miracle fruit that cures cancer. Cures it. No Chemo, no meds, just this little fruit can cure cancer 98.999% effective! Then I do my research, and find that the picture they used for the fruit is realy dragon fruit and the name means sour grape in Vietnamese. the fruit does not exist and therefore does not cure cancer. Why are people like that allowed to write all their random stuff online without people checking on it and taking it down? The answer to the second part is simple, the internet is so big that the number of people and how close those people need to look to get the majority of fake gurus banned from their posts is way more costly than the effectivness would suggest it is worth.

        the first part is a little harder to explain. When forums and such were made, people wanted everyone to have the freedom to share what they know with the rest of the world, unfortunately,  with many useful people comes many more unuseful people. so as long as knowledgeabe people have the freedom to share their knowledge, so do ignorant people have the freedom to spew forth junk.


Cuticle... wait what?

2/5/2013 8:57:11 PM permalink

Ok, so I found this new anime Cuticle Tantei Inaba. So here's the starting story before we see any real action, there is a Dog/human thing named Inaba who was created to help the Japanese police.His breed is code named 'Secret Doberman' even though it is made clear that he is of lupine descent, but he has red hair and a brother with white hair (but hey, since when has genetics affected how anime artists draw their characters?). Inaba has left the police and started his own P.I. company and has two assistants, a blond cross dressing boy who tries in every way to be a girl (Yuta), and a more pessimistic dark haired (hair is the focus of the show to the point of insanity) teenage boy who does everything he can to be serious (Kei).

Officer Ogino, who used to be Inaba's partner before the dog-person left the force, comes to request his aid in solving a stange case. Inaba consents on the grounds that he gets to wash Ogino's hair when it's over. Yes, thats right, He gets to wash the man's hair, Inaba has a bit of a fetish with hair and can sniff out where someone is just by sniffing a single hair from their body. We have some history humor between Inaba and Ogino and find out that some counterfeiting oufit has come to Japan. The fake money is a perfect copy of yen bills, but for the goat face where the real face is supposed to be. This gives us our first clue as to who the bad guys are, inaba leads the group to an old fashioned house where we are greeted by the leader of the counterfeiters, a goat named Valentino. that's right a goat, and he seems to be gay as a man (Lorenzo) with a bag (the burlap kind no less) over his head has romantic fantasies and the goat himself says some things that allude to such a relationship.

That is basically the first episode, they police don't catch Valentino, Inaba and Kei get kidnapped by one of Valentino's assasins (Gabriella) and Ogino saves them, we are just introduced to the mains and left to wonder what it is we just watched. Thereis plenty of humor all around the episode, everything from puns (some in Japanese others in english) to historical absurdities (Lorenzo fires and loads an old matchlock musket and the like). Kei seems to be the only one who is sane, or at least not insane, with Ogino in a distant second.

I don't know if I will post more about Cuticle Tantei Inaba, but episode 1 was quite interesting.




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