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Izzard is Grandpa Munster (Article) - 3/21/2012 1:18:01 PM

Hey, as long as it's better than the abominable "The Munsters Today" series from the 80s, I'm good. I think Izzard's a great choice, hope the rest of the cast is equally good.

Full New Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer (Article) - 9/22/2011 11:55:24 AM

This one looks like it sticks to the book a lot more than the Swedish original. That actually makes me more excited for the next two films, because while TGWTDT is a little bit of a slog, books 2 and 3 are pretty damn exciting. Having said that, this film looks great, can't wait!

Stone offered P,P and Zombies (Article) - 6/23/2011 6:05:51 AM

PP&Z was a pretty good book, as was the same author's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which is also currently filming). Looking forward to both films!

DVD Shopping Bag: Hammer Film%u2019s Wake Wood Blu-ray (Article) - 6/22/2011 6:07:47 AM

OMG Rocko's Modern Life is on DVD?!? YES!!!!

Halloween 3D Date Set (Article) - 6/20/2011 6:12:46 AM

So is this actually a reboot and not a sequel?

Full New Deathly Hallows 2 Trailer (Article) - 4/28/2011 6:24:13 AM

As long as the Molly and Bellatrix duel contains the line from the book, I'll be happy!

DVD Shopping Bag: Black Swan Blu-ray (Article) - 4/5/2011 6:22:34 AM

A complete Babylon 5 Series?!? Yes please!!!

DVD Shopping Bag: Tangled DVD and Blu-ray (Article) - 3/29/2011 6:22:54 AM

Doesn't Topsy-Turvy come out today on Criterion as well? Definitely one of the best films in a while.

DVD Shopping Bag: The Walking Dead Series on Blu-ray (Article) - 3/1/2011 6:21:51 AM

Yay for ReBoot!

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 Trailer (Article) - 2/14/2011 11:27:02 AM

I don't think it's the shininess, I think it's too modern. I always felt it needed a more 40's, almost noir-ish look. Plus, a majority of it centers on train travel. Setting a story focused on train travel in modern time just doesn't feel like it will work.


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