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Wondrous Cosplayers from WonderCon 2012 (Article) - 1/8/2013 8:47:15 PM

There is something creepy about that guy with Yoda on his knee.

Jackman for X-Men Sequel (Article) - 12/19/2012 7:30:11 PM

So Mystique(Kitty) from theXmen123 Universe goes back  in time to the First Class universe and stops the Brotherhood from killing JFK? Which sets off anti-mutant Hysteria and the Sentinal program.

But first the men 123 Universe has to go to shit and be taken over by Sentinals which kill everyone.

mmm.. that fried my brain

By the end of it thoif they do it right  they can make changes to the future Xmen123 universe that can fix up this clusterfuck of a continuity.

Most likely they will just screw it up even more.

Man of Steel Official Trailer #2 (Article) - 12/17/2012 12:18:38 AM

Wow i havent been on here for a while and looks like i missed this thread. Getting pretty nasty - I like it!

Im a Marvel fanboy and a DC hater.(although I did think TDK was awesome)

But I like this take on Supes - obviously a more realistic look at an alien with amazing powers, but it isnt him that is Dark and Gloomy its the World around him. He actually shines in some scenes!

His Pa is just trying to protect him from being disected by the Govenment or to be used as a weapon.

I think he will use his powers to shine a light into peoples dark and sad Nolanite lives.

Maybe it will be crap tho - we are a hard crowd to please.

Finally I think it is normal for people to choose a side, cheer it on thru good and bad and boo its competitors - in a freindly rivial sort of way. The Marvel vs DC rivallry has been going on for more than 50 years and each company has had its ups and downs.

Marvel is on top right now - YAY! but DC will be back one day....BOO!

Viva la difference!



Avengers TV Series? (Article) - 8/1/2012 12:51:28 AM

The MMU is so huge they could do tonnes of cool TV series and not get in each others way.

I like the Damage Control/SHIELD idea - they could follow up the aftermath of the big screen Marvel movies.

I heard that they were going to do a Jessica Jones (Alias) type PI show that could look into the seedy side of the MU with Heros for Hire and a bunch of other B listers.

A Marvel Knights Adult TV show would be awesome! Punisher, Daredevil( I know -no rights)Cloak and Dagger, Ghost Rider and the Midnight Sons.

With just a cameo and an Easter egg or two now and then the universe could be linked and be sooooo cool!

First Look: Anne Hathaway in Selina Kyle Costume (Article) - 8/7/2011 7:41:05 PM

I dont want realistic, I want tight black leather on an impossibly hot catwoman body with a cowl and cat-eye goggles....and a whip!

This better be a pro-type or Nolan is missing the boat. Why have Selina Kyle in it if she's not going to be catwoman? What is he gonna develop her for the 4th movie?

I dont want to see her being licked by cats or saying meow - I just want slinky catwoman antics in TIGHT black leather.

....maybe thats just me

More Captain America Featurettes Arrive (Article) - 7/7/2011 9:24:37 PM

Is someone on holiday at Mania?  Whats going on here??

In a year when CBMs are taking over the world this site is the last to post any new info.

I can learn more recent news from the old lady at hardware store  than I can here, and I live out in the middle of buttfuck Western Australia


I used to love this site.

McFeely Talks Captain America 2 (Article) - 6/22/2011 10:21:39 PM

It will be the Winter Soldier storyline fer sure.

Cap will be haunted by what happened to Bucky. then he will see Bucky in the future and freak out.

Then Fury will say   "yea... he is still alive "   

Then they will show flashbacks to how Bucky is rescued and turned into a Nazi/Hydra hitman.

Then they will fight and then Bucky will save Cap from The Skull or Zemo or Batroc the Leaper.

Then they will be freinds but it wont be quite the same since Bucky is a bit weird/robot.

I should be a screen writer.

Mangold Tops WOLVERINE Shortlist (Article) - 6/17/2011 2:49:03 AM

Im thinking Re-Boot.

WRONG ACTOR - Jackman was wrong for this character. Tall, caberet (how is that spelt?) singer with crap side burns. Needs a short, hairy, musclebound  unknown with a bad attitude. 

WRONG ATMOSPHERE - Too many gags and family shit, needs to be R Rated, Lots of blood and slashing, beer and cigars, down and dirty.

WRONG SUPPORT CHARACTERS - should have been feral in the Canadian mountains fighting bears and Wendingo and Hulk and Sabertooth and lots of other well powered dudes.

More Captain America Photos (Article) - 6/17/2011 2:36:31 AM

I wonder what Starks old man is looking at, maybe Haylee Atwell is trying on some shield spandex.

COME ON!!! ....Bring on something new already!!

I just want this movie to come out tomorrow.

Captain America's USO Outfit Spotted (Article) - 6/15/2011 3:46:42 PM

That is a classic - I think this is taking the piss out of costume purists.

I bet Cap is forced to wear this originally as a troop[ morale thingy and then he cracks the shits are bungs on the commando version and goes out and kicks some Nazis arse.

I would have been happy to just stay there with all those chicks in short skirts.


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