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DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/1/2014 10:01:02 AM

Oh and I forgot to elaborate on the chest pain thing last week.  We figured it was probably nothing because I'm a little too young still to develop heart trouble, but heart disease runs in our family, so we wanted to get it checked out.  Plus my best friend's sister dropped her husband off at the ER one night a few years ago thinking he was having really bad heart burn and by the time she parked the car and got inside she found out he was having a massive heart attack.  I don't think he was much older than me at the time, so maybe mid-30s.  He's not overweight and is reasonably healthy.  Just one of those crazy things.  And of course my sister being an ER nurse herself she told me a story about a guy who came in with nausea and vomiting and they initially diagnosed him with food poisoning and it turned out he was having a heart attack.  So all those things being considered, my sister wanted to play it safe.

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/1/2014 9:50:41 AM

What's up Wiseguy.  Haven't been posting on this board as much lately but my health is doing alright I guess.  I still need to lose some more weight, but the liver is doing ok and I'm not having any pain or itching like I was having before when my enzyme levels were too high.  Actually I had another health scare last Monday.  I had been having some pain in my left shoulder and chest and had a dizzy spell so my sister (she's an RN) drove me to Patient First.  Everything was fine, BP, O2, EKG normal, did have a fever, which could explain the vertigo because vertigo is often caused by a virus.  Anyway, doc said it was either musculoskeletal (an injury of some sort) or GI related, something like reflux or heart burn or whatever.  As far as my diet...Well, it's not as good as it was, which is why I haven't lost any weight recently, though I haven't gained any back.  It's not like I eat fried chicken and ice cream every day, LOL!  And I rarely eat fast food.  In other words, my diet isn't horrible, but I'm not watching my carb intake like I should.  I really need to get back at it after the holidays.  No point trying to get back on track right now with all the food I'm gonna be exposed to in the next few weeks!  Last year over the holidays I put 12 lbs. back on after losing 35.  Lol!  I'm also just one of those guys who wears his weight well, if you will.  Like when I saw the liver doc to get my diagnosis after the diopsy last year he looked at me and couldn't believe I was 240 lbs. at the time.  Most people think I'm quite a bit lighter than I really am.  Not that that makes any difference.  I'm still a tad on the fat side whether or not I look it.  Haha!

Mania Box Office Report: Katniss, of Course! (Article) - 11/26/2014 7:57:50 PM

I also loved Avatar.  First blu-ray I ever bought.  Also my first 3D movie.

Mania Box Office Report: Katniss, of Course! (Article) - 11/26/2014 7:56:14 PM

Like I said, no issues with the money grab.  I'm a staunch capitalist.  I've just had several conversations with people about how a 300 page book gets turned into an epic trilogy.  But also one could understand that a longer book could be cut shorter for a movie (like the Clancy stories) because all that narrative can't be translated into movie form.  That's all I was trying to say.  But I still haven't read The Hobbit, so I guess I can't really provide a specific viewpoint.  In the end, I've enjoyed the movies and eventually I'll get around to reading the book.  All itty bitty 306 pages...  ; )

Jurassic World Trailer Has Arrived (Article) - 11/26/2014 7:47:39 PM

I also didn't think that #3 was all that bad.  I rather liked it.

Jurassic World Trailer Has Arrived (Article) - 11/26/2014 7:45:34 PM

I think it looks interesting as long as they did it right.  Chris Pratt is going to be a bit more of a draw now after the success of GotG.  I caught the re-release of the original and it was still awesome on the big screen all these years later.  Best part of that though was being in a theater with a bunch of people younger than me who may or may not have seen the movie but had certainly never seen it on the big screen.  That was cool in and of itself.

Mania Box Office Report: Katniss, of Course! (Article) - 11/23/2014 10:49:12 PM

But again, I wasn't complaining.  Was just commenting on the money grab part of the whole thing.  But also think about movies such as Clear and Present Danger.  The book was more than 650 pages long and the movie was just over two hours.  Sum of All Fears, almost 800 pages and the movie was barely 2 hours long and it sucked.  Now, The Bear and the Dragon is around 1100 pages long (and I've read it three times) and it would make for an AMAZING trilogy.  I'm just saying if they're gonna try and stretch stories out there are plenty of great ones out there that they don't have to stretch and use the appendix or anything else.  Again, I'm biased.  I never got into comics or fantasy or anything like that.  But I guess that's where the money is nowadays.  And so we come full circle.  The money.

Mania Box Office Report: Katniss, of Course! (Article) - 11/23/2014 10:35:02 PM

Oh, I wasn't complaining.  My point was just that it's all a money grab.  But there really are books out there that have plenty of material for multiple movies.  Again, I've always thought that there could be some amazing trilogies made from Tom Clancy novels.  But I'm a little biased since he's my favorite author.  But he's also dead now.  Along with another favorite author of mine, Vince Flynn.  Been reading all of his books now since I've read each of Clancy's books, some more than once.  Brad Thor is another good one along that same genre.

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 11/23/2014 10:24:40 PM

I'm just finishing up watching Into the Storm on demand, and I'll tell ya what.  It's a stupid ass, retarded, cheesy movie.  But it's kinda enjoyable!  I mean, as long as you go into it with extremely low's quite entertaining.  If Thorin is in it then it has to be good.  Right?  Anyway, I just cranked up the surround sound and sat back and took shots of bourbon and ate some fried chicken (which I made myself) and some Neopolitan ice cream and enjoyed the stupidity.  Have they put Twister on blu-ray yet?  I remember getting Twister on VHS for Christmas one year and it was amazing.  I had already seen it in the theater, but movies are always big Christmas gifts for me.

Mania Box Office Report: Katniss, of Course! (Article) - 11/23/2014 4:58:37 PM

Sorry, 306 pages.  At least for the paperback.


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