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Seventh Son Trailer (Article) - 7/15/2013 10:23:04 PM

My first thought was that it reminds me of Willow, but a little more "scary."

Mania Review: Pacific Rim (Article) - 7/14/2013 1:08:44 PM

del Torro said in an interview he's got ideas for a couple more movies.  Something about the rift not being totally closed by the explosion and that the other movies will show more of the "Antiverse."

Mania Review: Pacific Rim (Article) - 7/13/2013 11:34:15 PM

Hell yeah!  That shit was sick, yo!

Mania Review: Pacific Rim (Article) - 7/13/2013 6:49:34 PM

Getting ready to catch the late night IMAX 3D.

Mania Review: Pacific Rim (Article) - 7/12/2013 9:40:44 AM

It's getting lots of hype on Rottentomatoes.  I usually think IMAX is just a waste of money, but this movie is what IMAX was made for.  This will be my first IMAX ticket.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen TV Pilot? (Article) - 7/10/2013 9:01:27 PM

I actually enjoyed the movie.

Pacific Rim Final Trailer (Article) - 7/7/2013 8:20:35 PM

My thoughts exactly, wvugopher.  I have like half a dozen theaters within a 20 minute drive, but the one nearest me (also the best and nicest one) just added an IMAX screen back in May.  This is going to be my first time spending half a testicle on an IMAX ticket.

Pacific Rim Final Trailer (Article) - 7/6/2013 9:25:34 PM

I really don't give half a f**k how it's "tracking.".  I'm gonna go see it and it's gonna be a helluva good time. 

That's all I have to say about that...

Pacific Rim Final Trailer (Article) - 7/5/2013 10:12:45 AM

It's a site for the fictional Pan Pacific Defense Corps.  Mania won't let me post the address or a link so just search for Pan Pacific Defense Corps and it's the first link that comes up.

Pacific Rim Final Trailer (Article) - 7/5/2013 10:06:11 AM

They have a pretty cool interactive website for the movie.  It's different than the actual movie site.  You can go on there and do "pilot training" games and get info on some of the Jaegers and pilots and the tech.  It's pretty cool.  I probably spent over an hour on there yesterday playing the training simulations and checking out all the different goodies they have on there.  Can't remember the web address, but I'll try and find it.



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