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3 Pacific Rim Clips (Article) - 7/1/2013 8:06:22 PM

Lol!  Can't wait!  I'm getting a Kaiju-sized chubby!

Riddick Poster Arrives (Article) - 7/1/2013 8:00:54 PM

I wanna hate this, but it does look kinda cool.  I loved Pitch Black and Chronicles was pretty fun.

Mania Review: The Lone Ranger (Article) - 7/1/2013 7:54:11 PM

They should've done this as a time travel movie and Depp's Tanto character could be like a reincarnation of Jack Sparrow.

Mania Review: The Lone Ranger (Article) - 7/1/2013 7:52:06 PM

Holy tap-dancing Jesus on a rubber crutch!  This movie finally got released!

I'll see it on Netflix or Redbox...

Mania Review: White House Down (Article) - 6/29/2013 9:44:25 AM

Lol!  I'm just thinking of the text my mom sent me last night saying that this was "the best movie ever!" 

Lol!  But she loves that Tater Chandling dude.  I kept asking her why she and my dad went to see that and not Man of Steel.  My dad even said he wouldn't mind going to see MoS again after seeing it with me for Fathers Day.

First ESCAPE PLAN Trailer Hits (Article) - 6/29/2013 9:30:46 AM

Actually looks pretty sick I think.

First CURSE OF CHUCKY Photos (Article) - 6/29/2013 9:13:41 AM

Don Mancini.  Had to look him up on IMDB.  Couldn't remember his name.

First CURSE OF CHUCKY Photos (Article) - 6/29/2013 9:08:36 AM

My cousin's husband (or something like that, just remember he's part of the family somehow but never met him) used to be the head writer for these movie and was the main creator of the Chucky character.  I wonder if he's involved in this one as well.  I'll have to look into it.  I remember years ago before the news actually broke hearing from my mom that he was writing Bride of Chucky.  Haven't heard anything about this one though.

First Clip of PACIFIC RIM (Article) - 6/27/2013 10:26:17 PM

Less than riveting.

Can't wait for this movie though!

New TERMINATOR Trilogy Rebooted (Article) - 6/27/2013 10:21:28 PM

Unfortunately, I think this is how they have to do it.  I don't necessarily like it, but if they want to be successful then they need to start over.


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