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More Jaws Blu-ray Clips (Article) - 7/6/2012 4:14:01 PM

Well I also have Avatar (my first blu ray purchase), RoboCop, Stargate, Over the Top, Army of Darkness, T2/Total Recall double pack, The Last Starfighter, Thor, Iron Man 1 and 2 and my favorite movie of all time, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Criterion Collection, and of course The Godfather box set.  Those are just some of the classics and re-buys I've acquired.  Also a couple true classics like Forbidden Planet and A Bridge Too Far.  It's amazing how many classics are now being released on blu ray.  I love it!  Jaws will definitely be making its way into my library.  I've bought most of my blu rays from Amazon.  So many great deals.

Jack Reacher Trailer (Article) - 7/6/2012 12:05:10 PM

Hush your mouth, ElBaz.  Top Gun was the shiznit!  Pure delicious '80s cheese.

Aykroyd talks Ghostbusters 3 (Article) - 7/6/2012 1:12:43 AM

I never realized that Crystal Head was his gig.  I'm a bartender and been working in the food service industry for 12 years and I never knew that.  Learn something new every day I guess.

More Jaws Blu-ray Clips (Article) - 7/6/2012 1:01:30 AM

fft, I understand what you mean...for some movies.  But for the really awesome movies and the movies that are truely iconic, I will always replace it with the blu ray.  Just in the past few months I've bought several blu rays to replace my DVDs.  Most recently and most notably, the complete Alien Anthology and the complete Rambo box set.

Jack Reacher Trailer (Article) - 7/6/2012 12:54:31 AM

And let me clear things up with where I stand.  I like Cruise's movies, and I'm sure I'll like this one.  His movie trailers always have a giggle factor for me though because all I can think of is how batshit crazy he is, but when I actually sit down and watch the movie I forget about all that.  I'll probably wait for this on Netflix or Zune or something though, simply because it doesn't seem like the type of movie that warrants shelling out the cash for an overpriced movie ticket.  I don't spend money at the theaters very often, but so far this year I've been to more movies than I have in years.  It's been an epic year for me.  But this won't be one of the few I go see.  Again, it looks good.  But not $10 good.

Jack Reacher Trailer (Article) - 7/6/2012 12:40:49 AM

I did giggle a little.  Buy anything with Tom Cruise makes me laugh a bit.  He's just such weirdo in real life and I just can't seem to put that out of my mind.

And in response to jayinvincible:  "I'll bet you're kind of guy that would f#@k another person in the ass and not even have the god damn common courtesy to give him a Jack Reacher!'

Aykroyd talks Ghostbusters 3 (Article) - 7/2/2012 7:33:12 PM

Shit's never gonna happen.

Avengers Blu-ray Details (Article) - 7/2/2012 5:29:47 PM

Amazon has the 4-disc pack for $35 and the 2-disc for $36, I think it was.  But for whatever reason the 2-disc is a dollar cheaper.  That's the pre-order obviously, but there's plenty of time for it to even come down a bit in price before the release.  Happens a lot on Amazon, at least with movies and book, which is all I ever really buy from Amazon.

Avengers Blu-ray Details (Article) - 6/30/2012 11:24:49 PM

Just pre-ordered my blu-ray/dvd combo pack from Amazon.  For whatever reason, the 4 disc combo pack is actually a dollar cheaper.  Go figure...

The Expendables 2 Movie Clip #1 (Article) - 6/30/2012 9:40:37 AM

I agree.  The Chris Evans version was much cooler.  This seemed...just...well...corny.  Not cheesey, but corny.  Like freshly shucked white corn, corny.  In fact, I always felt that The Losers was underrated.  I thought it was a fun, funny, clever action flick.

Still looking forward to The Expendables 2, though!  I'm sure my dad and I will be there on opening weekend just like we were for the first one.


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