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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer! (Article) - 12/2/2014 12:14:32 PM

Qui-Gon said, basically, there is no real right or wrong way to be a Jedi. Sometimes events or circumstances require a Jedi to do things they may not like. Be someone they may not want to be. A Jedi can't be rigid in their doctrine that they cannot compromise or "dabble" in areas that might not be "purely good". When dealing with Evil, one must sometimes act Evil to destroy them.

Look at Luke in RoTJ. In his final battle with Vader, he allowed anger to seep in for a moment to defeat Vader. Once he saw what he'd done, and The Emperor's desire, he threw away his lightsaber, and refused to do The Emperor's bidding. Jedi are not simply "good" or "evil" machines, but beings with emotions, and those emotions can make them do things not always within the bounds of either.

Vader tuned "good" for a brief moment before Palpatine could kill Luke, and then stayed that way while dying and speaking with Luke. So one of the most Evil beings in all of Star Wars could become good if circumstances dictated it.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Breaktheinternet (Article) - 12/2/2014 11:41:21 AM


Now, I am not a huge J.J. fan myself, by I disagree that he "messed up" Star Trek. If anything, he saved it! Sure, J.J. took some liberties, and made some changes, but he had to! At the time the first Star Trek movie came out in 2009, Star Trek was pretty much a dead subject. Not much said about it. Not much going on.

J.J. stepped up, and with the first film, gave it the shot in the arm it needed.

Star Trek Into Darkness was fantastic! Sure, it was a twist on the Wrath of Khan storyline, but it was cleverly done!

So, with that said, I have pretty good hopes that Episode VII will be good, if not great!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Breaktheinternet (Article) - 12/1/2014 11:37:32 AM

First off, how do we KNOW he's a Stormtrooper? All this stupid talk about a "black stormtrooper" is pointless. I mean, Luke and Han weren't Stormtroopers when they were aboard the first Death Star. They TOOK those uniforms from real Stormtroopers. The same could be said here! He's trying to get away from real Stormtroopers disguised as one, but loses his helmet, and is in fear for his life! All those think this is a possibility??? Maybe?? I mean, if you can't handle a black stromtrooper, just wait.....he may actually NOT be one! Jeez.

Second, seeing X-WIngs and The Millennium Falcon again were so cool!!!!

Third....I like the new lightsaber! Way cool!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer! (Article) - 11/28/2014 6:44:45 PM



Seeing The Falcon and the X-Wings got my undies all sticky!!!!

And that Lightsaber! OHHHHH MANNNN!!!!

New STRANGE MAGIC Image Arrives (Article) - 11/12/2014 11:52:39 AM

Their expressions make them look like they are asking, "What the heck am I doing in THIS movie???"


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Official Main Trailer (Article) - 11/6/2014 2:23:38 PM

HUGE fan of the LotR Trilogy. Not so much for The Hobbit movies. I was NOT impressed with Smaug at all. Didn't like his face, and the fact he didn't even roast a single dwarf in his chamber is silly! Vermithrax is still the BEST Dragon ever put on film, period!

24: Live Another Day: 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Review (Article) - 6/3/2014 8:00:51 PM

I LOVE Agent Kate Morgan! She's the perfect character to augment Jack! Tough as nails, smart, and even pretty! Her good looks do not take away that she can assess a situation much like Jack does, act on it, and do what needs to be done! She's my favorite character, apart from Jack, in all of 24's seasons! And she could probably kick Jack's ass too! LOL!!!!

Awesome episode, too......the revilations were amazing, and the plot is thickening! Can't wait for next week!

King Conan Poster (Article) - 5/22/2014 7:25:08 PM

I really love the original Conan the Barbarian with Arnie. The bad-assness of the whole movie was above anything before, or even since. But really, for me, the music was the centerpiece! Basil Poledouris' music was astounding and is what made the characters and scenes so much more than they could have been with a lesser soundtrack! The last battle in the dunes, when the raiders on horseback come over the hill, and approach the graveyard, that whole build-up of the music, to the powerful zenith when Conan strikes the first blow with an axe and then the theme is, I still get goosebumps thinking about that! What a fantastic piece of music!

H.R. Giger Has Passed (Article) - 5/13/2014 6:31:40 PM

Alien is still one of my most beloved movies of all-time, and Giger's design of one of the greatest "aliens" ever in movie history will remain the most iconic design of his. He had a disturbing, but brilliant vision, and his influence to quite possibly the single greatest Sc-Fi Horror movie ever made will live on. His work on Prometheus tied that wonderful movie to Alien like nothing else.

R.I.P. Mr. Giger!

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Official Trailer #2 (Article) - 5/8/2014 2:42:34 PM

I dunno, I saw the first one, on cable, and wasn't real impressed. This one looks a little better, but I still dunno. I'll wait until it's on cable again and then decide.


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