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Possible Star Trek 3 Plot (Article) - 3/25/2014 4:05:08 AM

What's "Star Trek"?

The Spring of '84: The Ice Pirates (Article) - 3/17/2014 6:34:18 PM

I acttally liked this movie! I thought it was clever, funny, and very enjoyable! A good ole 80's romp! I'd give it a B Plus!

Mania Review: Need for Speed (Article) - 3/14/2014 7:21:45 PM

Looks stupid, just like the Fast and Furious franchise. Waste of time.

Full Flash Costume Revealed (Article) - 3/11/2014 12:53:51 PM

Violator.....that was my impression, too! Sheldon has messed me up forever wearing that Flash Costume! I can't look at The Flash without conjuring up his vissage! D@MN!!!!!

The Spring of '84: Splash (Article) - 3/11/2014 12:50:07 PM

Trate, that IS Hannah's butt. She had one nice butt in that movie! I was 18 when that came out and at that ripe age when young men are horny all the time, I LOVED that scene when I got it on VCR Tape. I would pause it there, well, let's not go there, shall we? LOL!!!!!

The Spring of '84: Children of the Corn (Article) - 3/11/2014 12:43:28 PM

Definitely not one of the best screen adaptations of a King novel. Isaac was memorable, but the over-all execution of the film was sorely lacking! Not a good movie at all.

Transformers: Age of Extinction Teaser Trailer (Article) - 3/6/2014 4:06:41 AM

Once more down Stupidity Lane!

ALIEN Anniversary Figures Toy Fair 2014 (Article) - 2/20/2014 9:31:33 AM

ALIEN is still the greatest Sci-Fi Horror Film ever made. Only JC's The Thing comes close, but still not as good. ALIEN is also one of the best movies ever made! Aliens is a fantastic sequel and probably the best sequel out there, with the only exception being The Empire Strikes Back, which would be hard to beat anyway! I love ALIEN and still love to sit down, put on the DVD, and have a blast!

Star Wars Toy Fair 2014 Debuts (Article) - 2/19/2014 4:10:16 AM

The B-Wing has always been my favorite ship from RotJ. Tottaly unorthodoxed looking craft! That Lego Model is awesome!!!

New RoboCop Clip: Working (Article) - 2/11/2014 7:21:00 PM

Meh, still can't wrap my mind around this one. He, Robo, looks like a variant of the Iron Man suits. Not impressed. I'm still gonna pass on this one.


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