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Mania Box Office Report: Elysium (Article) - 8/11/2013 6:28:19 PM

The really bad news is if you read the world box office.  Pacific Rim opened in Japan this week to only 3 million.  That is pretty horrible for a kaiju film.

Mania Review: Planes (Article) - 8/10/2013 5:27:18 AM

 I saw this last night because my wife really wanted to see it; she is a big fan of Cars (which is not that bad) and has a pilots license.

This is as bad as everyone is saying it is, but not for the reason you might think. It has great moments, but the storytelling glue is a mess. I counted no less than 6 subplots for a 90 minute movie. Many of them are unnecessary, and it is difficult to fit all of them in there. Several times a character would encounter an obstacle, and before the emotional weight registers, the character immediately overcomes it. I felt like I was watching a movie with the fast forward button held down.

That and there were too many major characters. I still have no idea what the green tanker was supposed to be. Was he suupposed to be a Mater clone? Or was he supposed to be some sort of mento figure? Or was he supposed to be an entrepreneurial genius? It went to fast for the character to be too deep, but the quick sketches we got all felt contradictory.

Mania Review: World War Z (Article) - 6/21/2013 5:17:36 AM

While less of a sin, I will also say

In this case, it draws upon the speedy zombies from 28 Days Later

is an extinction event. Humans cannot survive with the tactics in any of Brooks books with this type of zombie. If you combine this with Brook's "go anywhere, eat anything", animal life on the planet can be measured in days. Hope you have a fallout bunker stocked for at least a decade.

Mania Review: World War Z (Article) - 6/21/2013 5:12:47 AM

 I completely understand the problems of adaptation, particularly with a difficult book like this. I have an open mind and will accept a lot of changes. However, this

Somewhere out there lies a cure

is unforgiveable.

Lost Doctor Who Episodes Found?! (Article) - 6/20/2013 4:24:13 PM

 Ian Levine's tweet is a fairly big deal.

The interesting thing is that this shipment came in 2011. From Africa. So why all the silence? If this is true, then I believe BBC is being silent for the following reasons.

1. BBC has promised not to take episodes from collectors. They will borrow them and scan them, and then return them.

2. BBC likely has an agreement with the collector that there is to be no press until they are returned to the collector.

3. The rumored shipping manifest is for 3 tons of film. That is going to take a while to scan.

Of course, this is assuming the rumors are true.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Unrated Blu-Ray Review (Article) - 6/13/2013 6:54:58 AM

 There are many complaints about this movie, but this

Witch Hunters my wife asked me in what era is the film supposed to take place? I replied, “I think they’re still figuring it out.”

Is not one of them.  Do we ask what era a fantasy movie is supposed to be taking place?  With the rise of Steam Punk (and this is clearly steam punk inspired, though it is more Puritan Punk), we are starting to see the concept of fantasy disconnected from the medieval era.  And it is about time.

Cloud Atlas Blu-Ray Review (Article) - 6/5/2013 6:04:13 AM

Trying to fit these disparate pieces together, however, is laborious at best and tortuous at worst.

There are a lot of things to complain about this movie, but this is not one of them.  It is trivially easy to connect all the stories.  They are not connected by plot.  They are connected thematically.  This is not a plot driven film.  

Which is exactly why the film has this love-it-or-hate-it fan base. In the case of books, eschewing plot and focusing on character and themes gets a book labeled as "literary".

Shock-O-Rama: Summer Evenings at the Drive-In: Part 2 (Article) - 5/29/2013 11:01:59 AM

Surviving modern drive-ins show typically main stream movies, not genre stuff.  But my wife and I love the drive-in for date night.  You can actually talk about the movie as you are watching it, unlike an actual movie theater.  It is everything those dinner and movie places try to be without all the pretentiousness.

The big drawback of drive-ins these days is Daylight Savings.  It just does not get dark enough quickly.  Hence, August is the best month for drive-ins.  Plus the movies in the month of August tend to be more suited for the guilty pleasure schtick.

The Summer of '83: Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (Article) - 5/21/2013 7:51:51 PM

 This was one of the first of a resurgence of 3D movies in the 80s. It was followed by Jaws 3D and Sharon Stone in King Solomon's Mines. They were all awful, and are the reason I have such a low opinion of 3D movies today.

TOP 10 GREATEST STAR TREK VILLAINS (Article) - 5/17/2013 4:14:11 PM

 I said before and will say it again. The Borg were great before they introduced the Queen. They were a thoroughly modern take on a cybernetic enemy. The Queen destroyed them and turned them into a Zerglike hive mind. The Borg Queen ranks as one of the worst ideas in Trekdom ever.


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