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Let's POLE almostunbiased

1/30/2009 1:11:35 PM permalink

almostunbiased wants to get POLED. Any volunteers?

As you can see this isn't necessarily a blog but I had to comment on almost's blog. I just couldn't stop laughing for almost 10 minutes. Thanks almost, you're the man.

By the way mania should poll at least some of the most active and vocal members on changes or recommended changes. I'm easy to please but I understand some of the guys' frustrations and complaints.

I love the new layout and look. Pretty cool IMO. Now all I need is an edit button. Then again I like the idea of not being able to take back what is said. I've seen some people backpedal after sounding off. Stand by your comments. On second thought no edit or delete buttons, I can live with misspelled words and grammar errors.

What do you know, it is a blog afterall.


The Shield

11/19/2008 10:11:16 AM permalink

My thoughts on the the second to last show, SPOILERS and all

First, I'm happy as hell that Vic got over on Claudette, so far.

My hatred for Corrine just keeps growing. The bitch is selling Vic out meanwhile he only thinks to protect her and the kids.

Shane's luck is all bad recently.

Danny was on vacation, all this time I thought she ran off. I wonder what she did with her kid. Did she put him somewhere safe or is he still with her, not that it matters much.

I still think the kid murderer is going to off Dutch. He was already setting him up with those calls I think.

Still a lot of questions to be answered

Can't frewaking wait for the finale next week. Although that's going to leave a big void. I've been watching Sons of Anarchy but it just doesn't comp[are to The Shield.



The Shield

11/7/2008 7:30:01 AM permalink

hanso apparently gave up writing a small recap of the Shield. So I'll just point out some opinions and predictions. SPOILERS will be all over the place so if you're not up to date get the fuck out now :)

Aceveda really fucked up by trying to be the hero. He wants the glory of taking the guy from the cartel down but realized too late, even though Vic warned him, that getting involved can make him a target of the cartel once he turns state

Corrine is a backstabbing bitch. She doesn't have to help Vic but basically turning him in is a big betrayal. I know they're seperated but still some loyalty isn't too much to ask for. At least Shane's wife is willing to go down with him, now that's a loyal ho for you.

How can Vic fuck up that chance with Shane outside of the hospital. Either fall back and follow him but to pull the gun out in front of an ER entrance is plain dumb, cops are all over those spots

The kid (flash) killer that Dutch was trying to take down is going to kill Dutch, mark my words. Probably will be what lets Vic get over.

What happened to Danny? We know she was packing up to go but not even a mention of her? I mean she is missing work, where I work if I don't call they call me. I guess the Barn really is in chaos.

I want to see Ronnie be the only one to make it unscathed.

Claudette needs to die from her illness after she realizes that Vic got over once again.


A Beautiful Day.....gone wrong

9/14/2008 9:18:24 AM permalink

It was just another morning. But it was an exceptionally beautiful beginning to the day. It was crystal clear and the sky seemed the perfect shade of blue with the occassional cloud. Even the clouds seemed perfect with their mushroom shapes and pure white. It was almost what a kid might draw if asked to draw a picture of the sky.


At that time I used to work the graveyard shift at my regular job while being the owner/operator of a vending route during the day. I used to sell mostly WISE brand potato chips to mom&pop stores and supermarkets for almost 10 years. That's when I picked up the moniker "wiseguy" and my route # was, you guessed it, 562. I was off sun/mon nights from my regular job because I was a huge football fan and couldn't stand to miss MNF or sleep through sunday's games.


It was, like I said, a beautiful Tuesday morning. The sort that makes you want to take a deep breath while taking it all in. The sort that inspires some people and motivates you. I had just left the warehouse after loading my truck with boxes of potato chips to sell in Huson County, mostly in Jersey City. I had just passed Giants Stadium on Route 3 and was listening to the Howard Stern show. All of a sudden he broke from his normal schtick to announce that a plane had just crashed into one of the Twin Towers. All I had to do was look up and slightly to my right, where the two colossi are as clear as the day, and I saw the smoke coming up from where the plane crashed into it. Funny, but I remember thinking that it was probably one of those small planes, and although tragic it didn't seem like a BIG DEAL to me.


Several minutes later as I reached my first stop in West New York Howard announces that a second plane just crashed into the other tower and proclaims that we were under attack. At that moment my heartbeat just took off, I got goosebumps all over, my hairs felt like they were standing, I was nervous, scare but mostly I grew angry. I had no doubts who was responsible, Muslims, all Muslims as far as I was concerned at the time.


I rushed through my first stop and hurried to my next stops in Jersey City, Palisades Avenue to be exact. Fron there I was just across the Hudson River and on days like these it seemed that you could reach out and touch the Twin Towers. Still I continued working while taking time outs just to look at all the smoke eminating from the buildings and listen to the news station. It wasn't until they started announcing that some people were actually jumping from the Towers to their deaths to escape the fire, heat and smoke that it really struck how grave the situation was. That's when I shed my first tears that day. Not long afterwards they announced the collapse of the first Tower. I practically threw down the boxes of chips in the store, collected my money and ran across the street to see for myself. The smoke and dust so thick and high now that you couldn't see the Tower that was still standing anyway. Not much later the dreaded announcement of the second tower collapsing.


Reports about the attack on the Pentagon were already coming while the reports of the United Airlines Flight 93 were more sketchy. Still, like most, I kept working. Yet I felt extremely guilty for doing so. I felt that maybe I needed to stop and mourn the dead, reflect on the tragedy or even go to church and say prayer. I know no one was being allowed to cross into Manhattan so the thought of actually helping out was quickly eliminated. Amazingly (at least I think so) most people kept to their routines as much as possible. Perhaps that's also a way of coping, I don't know. I cried most of the day between stops while listening to the news and would compose myself enough while in the stores to do my job.


By the end of the day the tension and paranoia were understandable. Someone reported something suspicious on a bridge  on Route 3, at least that was the rumor amongst the drivers, I never heard anything officially. Anyway the highway became a parking lot and my commute home of roughly 20 minutes turned into a 7 hour nightmare. Authorities weren't taking any chances. I finally got home at about 1:30 a.m. By that time I was exhausted and my head ached from crying so much that day. Still it wasn't until about 4:00 a.m. that I finally got some sleep after watching the news for a couple of hours.


I woke up at about 9 that morning. Still trying to go about business as usual. Incredibly it was another beautiful morning but no longer did I want to take a deep breath and take it all in, no longer did I feel inspired and no longer did I feel motivated. It was literally months before I felt the way I did the morning of 9/11/2001. Partly because the smoke eminating from the site was a constant reminder but I think mostly because the view that I had taken for granted was altered forever as was the security we used to feel living here in the USA. Thankfully time heals all wounds even if the scars are forever.


Later as I perused the names of the casualties I found out that an old friend from high school was one of the victims. Perhaps "friend" is too strong a word, an acquaintance seems more apt. It was someone that I hadn't seen nor talked to for more than 20 years but for some reason it struck a nerve. Maybe because it showed how it could've been anyone, me, you, relatives, anyone at all. Or maybe because I wanted to make a more personal connection but in retrospect that wasn't necessary for me or any of us. Just the fact that it was an attack against "us", Americans, is personal enough.


Wether or not you agree with our response and the subsequent actions that's another topic. But I frankly hope that no one forgets that day, that we don't take anything for granted and that we stay vigilant so that this doesn't ever happen again. I also pray that all those innocent souls have found comfort under God's wings and that their loved ones have enough faith, hope and courage to carry on and can enjoy what life still has to offer.









6/2/2008 7:45:31 PM permalink

Let me start by saying that I love this site. It's almost always my first destination once I turn my computer on. It's the only site where I post any comments and read others'. I also check it on a regular basis through out the day for any news updates and to read the latests comments from the visitors. IMO this is one of the most if not the most versatile of all genre sites. It covers comics, books, video games, toys, has interesting miscellaneous articles,  trivia and most importantly it covers movies.

Here is the big "but". For the last couple of months or from about the time the site got its facelift it seems a lot of the news are not being reported or are being reported late. And not just late in the day but days later sometimes if at all.

I don't know if Jarrod or the powers that be only want to report a certain amount of articles per day, if maybe they have a certain criteria that must be met before reporting some things, maybe is too much work for one person (Jarrod) that seems to report most of the news or maybe it's not considered worthwhile to report every bit of news that pops up. I know that some of the articles on other sites are rumors, speculation or outright made up, but definitely not all.

Obviously I'm not a reporter, but why not report these bits. As long as you cite the source and put on a disclaimer if not confirmed by the proper sources. It could be a still from a movie set or a spy shot, a clip or trailer or the latest rumor. Even if all you do is link us to the site reporting it.

For example last week there were about 4 clips from the Hulk not reported, a still of the MinuteMen in Watchmen, stills from GI Joe and Death Race. Today I was told about updates from Green Arrow, He-Man and the MOTU, Johny Quest, Shazzam, Dark Shadows and a sequel to Halloween. As well as re-shoots for Where the Wild Things Are. These are some that are fresh in my mind and only to make my point. Hell you may be reporting on some of these later today for all I know.

I know Jarrod has a Rumors of the Week piece he does on Fridays. IMHO I think all the rumors deserve their own space and should be reported as such the minute they pop-up or you become aware of them, not wait until the end of the week and bunch them up together in one piece.

I mean no offense to anyone at Mania. Hopefully this will be taken as constructive criticism and not as insult to your work. I just hope and think you can do better. I know you can because you used to be better. I know you can't please all the people all the time, so if you think you've found the appropriate balance of news to report then I guess I'll just have to settle for the way things are because this isn't an ultimatum or a threat to abandon ship the way others have done. I'm sticking around.

Long live MANIA




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