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DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 1/28/2015 9:28:42 AM

Some thirsty niggas up in this bitch

Fantastic Four: Official Teaser Trailer (Article) - 1/28/2015 9:26:55 AM

Vio for sure. I too am still a bit on the fence also but must say the trailer has me leaning its way right now. Of course it's possible  a full trailer or early reviews can change that momentum again and sour me on the film.

Just opining based on first impressions right now

NEW Ghostbusters Cast Announced (Article) - 1/28/2015 9:16:37 AM

monkey I agree with you at least to some extent. The X-Men were my breaking point and made me start to accept and try to appreciate more of the genre fare we get nowadays.

I still hate some things, directors and/or actors but baby steps right. And Nolan's Batman will suck for all eternity :)

NEW Ghostbusters Cast Announced (Article) - 1/28/2015 8:59:44 AM

I didn't care that much for this franchise anyway. The first was great the second sucked and they could've stopped there forever as far as I'm concerned.

But I do like the SNL casting and if this gets made I more than likely will give it a shot


Fantastic Four: Official Teaser Trailer (Article) - 1/28/2015 8:51:17 AM

Ultimate Mr Fantastic is really young Shogunn.

And I don't see the big deal about mixed families in today's age.

And I can't believe I'm finding myself almost defending this film :)

Fantastic Four: Official Teaser Trailer (Article) - 1/28/2015 8:01:38 AM

It looks like a Fantastic Four film to me, I don't know what you guys are talking about. They're explorers and adventurers.

Interstellar has nothing to do with this if anything you could say that film copied FF, they were the ones going to new dimensions and exploring the universe from the beginning.

And I dug the Ultimate take on the FF,  a bit more serious. And anyways the FF ain't Scooby Doo and the gang they were often at serious peril even if some of the villains may have been out there. The idea that there has to be a light hearted tone to this is dated and probably speaks of some sort of nostalgia in the part of some of you. Probably from the old cartoons and definitely not from the comics as they have been for a long while now

Fantastic Four: Official Teaser Trailer (Article) - 1/27/2015 9:46:09 AM

I actually think they did a good job. If you build it up and set expectations too high you set yourself up for more hate. They know all the negativity following this film so why not turn the tide slowly.

Right now even most of the people that just hate Fox have to admit it looks more promising than rumored.

Next trailer shows the group in action and then show us the villain. You don't go balls deep right off the bat :)

Fantastic Four: Official Teaser Trailer (Article) - 1/27/2015 9:12:58 AM

I want a full frontal of the THING, and I'm talking about the character, he can keep his thing in his shorts. Really diggin' his look

Fantastic Four: Official Teaser Trailer (Article) - 1/27/2015 9:06:49 AM

Vio if anything I think the villain they'll tackle first will be Annihilus.

Maybe they'll do a similar thing Marvel is doing with Thanos and just create a trail to Galactus and set him up a grand finale of the first act/trilogy

Fantastic Four: Official Teaser Trailer (Article) - 1/27/2015 9:03:11 AM

This trailer gives me some encouragement.

I like everything about it and the tone it sets. Yeah it's only a trailer but a great way for Fox to maybe thurn the tide of hate from some fans


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