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666 Park Avenue Trailer (Article) - 8/7/2012 5:17:42 PM

There is another version with Bulgarian subtitles that's viewable in Canada.

Walking Dead Season 3 Comic Con Trailer (Article) - 7/14/2012 10:54:12 AM

Hopefully the Lori storyline plays out the same way.

Lost: 316 (Article) - 2/19/2009 7:04:38 PM

Anyone else wonder about Jack's grandfather?  His line to Jack about "The girl with the freckles."  I thought for a bit that maybe he was Sawyer.  Somehow Sawyer escapes the island in the past and ends up becoming Jack's grandfather?  He wants to leave his retirement home, maybe knowing what's happening and wanting to help somwhow.  I don't know but my head hurts.


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