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Nanaka 6/17 is the story of Nanaka Kirisato, a 17-year-old high school student who suffers a head injury and becomes convinced that she is six years old, but magically in a 17-year-old body. Now the once TOO serious Nanaka gets to face the rigors of high school, with the attitude and memories of a kindergartener. Only her father and her childhood friend Nenji know the truth and try to protect her, but can Nanaka survive growing up a second time?


ADR Director: Don Rush

Translation: Kaoru Bertrand

ADR Script: Mike Yantosca


Nanaka Kiristao - Voiced by Monica Rial – A high school student who takes her studies very seriously. So seriously that she’s turned into something of a bitch and alienated many of her classmates, including her childhood best friend Nenji. One day, during an argument with Nenji she falls down a flight of stairs and suffers massive head trauma. She now believes she is six years old, but magically in the body of a 17-year-old, much like her idol Magical Domiko.

Nenji Nagihara – Voiced by Chris Patton – Nanaka’s childhood friend and classmate. However as they grew up, they grew apart, due to Nanaka’s cold attitude and Nenji’s habit of always getting into fights. (He’s something of a solitary delinquent, with the nickname “Raging Hair Nenji”.) He feels responsible for Nanaka’s injury and is part of the plan to keep it a secret from the rest of their classmates. Nanaka believes he was magically aged to 17 as well.

Yuriko Amemiya – Voiced by Kira Vincent Davis – A classmate of Nanaka’s. Yuriko is pretty, smart and an accomplished pianist. She also secretly has a crush on Nenji and is upset at Nenji’s new interest in Nanaka. But for various reasons she’s going to have to spend a lot of time with the “new” Nanaka.

Chie Kazamatsuri – Voiced by Nancy Novotny - Nanaka’s classmate, the one with the pigtails. Didn’t particularly like the old Nanaka and doesn’t like the new one. (New Nanaka is rather popular with boys…) Always picks on her.

Mari Tsuyuki – Voiced by Luci Christian – Nanaka’s classmate, has purple hair and a ponytail. Always hangs out with Chie. Much like Chie, she doesn’t like Nanaka.

Taizo Kirisato (Nanaka’s dad) – Voiced by John Swasey – His wife died when Nanaka was very young, so he’s basically raised her on his own. Like any parent, he’s torn between the joy and sadness of watching his child grow up. He advocates keeping Nanaka’s condition a secret, in the hopes that when she recovers, she can continue leading a normal life.

Magical Domiko – Voiced by Luci Christian – The main character in Nanaka’s favorite anime. Domiko is a “traditional” magical girl, a little girl called Miko Shishido, who through the power of magic can transform into an adult version of herself.

Pikota – Voiced by Tiffany Grant – Magical Domiko’s rabbit sidekick.

Jinpachi Arashiyama – Voiced by Chris Ayres – The delinquent heir to a dojo, Jinpachi is forever getting into fights with Nenji. This is somewhat due to the fact that Nenji hates Jinpachi’s mullet hairdo.

Satsuki Arashiyama – Voiced by Jessica Boone – Jinpachi’s little sister, a skilled martial artist in her own right. She is forever attacking her brother with a wooden sword, as she thinks he isn’t disciplined enough to carry the future of the family dojo.


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