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How Aaron Johnson became 'Kick-Ass'

    September 01, 2008

'Kick-Ass' leading man Aaron Johnson talked to Britain's Daily Mail about how he landed the role in the film.

Apparently director Matthew Vaughn wanted American actors for the role and instructed his casting director only to audition such.

"I was working in the U.S. anyway and did a screen test using an American accent and he didn't realise I was British. I kind of fooled him," Aaron told the paper.

Vaughn chimed in saying, "I fell off my chair when I was told. His American accent is pitch perfect and he can bloody well act."

Johnson gave his view of the character he's going to be playing in the film.

'Dave (Lizewski) is just an ordinary guy; he's not geeky, but he's not cool either. He gets his kicks dressing up in a makeshift super-hero outfit complete with Timberland boots. He goes out to try and find some crime to prevent and ends up getting the hell kicked out of him because, obviously, he's not a real super-hero," the actor explained.

"That's the thing about 'Kick-Ass': it's set in the real world and poor old Dave ends up in hospital."

[Editor's Note: Arrrgh! Another one asserting that 'Kick-Ass' is somehow set in the real world, where it's been pretty much fantasy from issue 1, and very clearly so as of issue 4]

'Kick-Ass' rolls cameras in London and Toronto this month, with plans for a 2009 release.


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