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ABC, FOX in a fight over TIME TUNNEL

Both networks readying remakes of 1960s series

By Christopher Allan Smith     January 25, 2002
Source: Variety

James Darren and Robert Colbert in Irwin Allen's 1966 THE TIME TUNNEL
© 1966 Irwin Allen/Fox

In an item that further proves the number of market-approved stories is dwindling by the day, both ABC and FOX are gearing up to do new versions of the 1960s time-travel show, TIME TUNNEL.

It seems ABC has bought the rights to the original book by William Jenkins on which TIME TUNNEL was based, while FOX still owns the rights to the actual 1966-67 series version created by Irwin Allen.

There is a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo involved, but it looks like even though the book was the basis for the series, it seems both companies have the rights for their individual projects... which are based on the one book. Of course, both sides have lawyers which don't agree.

More as this comes, but FOX is going through the motions to bring TIME TUNNEL to their network as a show based on the original series, while ABC is currently scripting a television movie based on the book.

We'll let you know how this shakes out.


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