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Abercrombie's Fully-Clothed X2 Interviews

By Kevin Leung     February 11, 2003

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Lasciviously preppy clothiers Abercrombie & Fitch score a three-pack of interviews with actors from Twentieth Century Fox's X-Men 2 in the latest issue of their A&F Quarterly magazine. Amidst the wrinkled clothing and artistic butt and boob pictorials, Abercrombie finds room to interview Shawn Ashmore, Anna Paquin, and Kelly Hu.

Canadian Shawn Ashmore is asked to discuss how his character exists in the film, "The way I see Bobby is that he's basically a normal kid who's grown up with this mutant ability. He ends up at this school - his parents don't know about his gifts - so he's kind of alone in a sense. And I think in this movie he becomes a part of the group."

Questioned on his rivalry with Aaron Stanford's Pyro character, Ashmore describes, "We're on opposite ends of spectrum - fire and ice. They're working against each other the whole time. I think Bobby doesn't try to rebel with his powers, while Pyro goes the other way-shows off. We have a rivalry because of Rogue."

When asked to relate the character Rogue to her own experiences Paquin explains, "Rogue's power prevents her from touching anyone or being close to anyone...It's a very lonely thing, which I think at least in the first movie was age appropriate, because I was 17 and at the end of adolescence. There is this thing with Rogue where she has had to overcome this terminal loneliness, and I think a lot of people can relate to that, especially teenagers."

Interviewed by X-Men 2's own executive producer Tom DeSanto, Kelly Hu explains her warm welcome from James Marsden and her uncomfortable costume choices, "Everyone was so kind and welcoming that I seriously didn't feel very intimidated for very long at all. Jimmy Marsden on the very first day on the set at lunch just jumped in and introduced himself and then didn't leave my table for about three hours."

Asked about her first reaction to the Lady Deathstrike costume, Hu remembered, "When I first saw the costume they were going to do for me, my first thought was 'How am I gonna fight in that?' Seriously, it was so ridiculously tight and so form fitting, I thought I wasn't going to be able to move, much less fight."

Pick up A&F Quarterly for the rest of these interviews...and those aforementionedpictorials.


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