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About Ozymandias

By Chad Derdowski     -
Source: The Annotated Watchmen


Ozymandias inhabits the world of Watchmen, a story written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons that reflects contemporary anxieties and critiques the superhero genre. Ozymandias is characterized as the "super genius" hero in the story: the man who uses his indomitable will and intelligence to overcome adversity.

Signature Quote

"I guess I've just reached a point where I've started to wonder whether all the grandstanding and fighting individual evils does much good for the world as a whole. Those evils are just symptoms of an overall sickness of the human spirit and I don't believe you can cure a disease by suppressing its symptoms."


Allegedly, Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, is the smartest man in the world. He draws his inspiration from Alexander the Great and retired from active super-heroing several years before the passage of the Keene Act, which outlawed costumed vigilantism. He then parlayed his talents into a business.


After retiring, Veidt started his own company, aggressively marketing his image as a hero for a Saturday morning cartoon and toy line. Veidt possesses enormous wealth that he uses for the betterment of mankind. Rather than simply use his fists, he uses his brain to combat evil.

Veidt has an Antarctic retreat and a genetically altered lynx and has become a celebrity in his post-hero career. He is looked upon with respect, admiration and awe by most, though some, such as Rorschach, view him as little more than a prostitute and a sell-out for his shameless self-promotion.


Ozymandias possesses no superhuman abilities but does possess an astonishingly brilliant mind and his intelligence is matched only by his ambition. He is an Olympic-level athlete and excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

Charlton Analogue

Like all the characters in Watchmen, Ozymandias is an analogue for a character published by Charlton Comics. Ozymandias' counterpart is Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt, a character who was known for using the unused portion of the human brain to reach the pinnacle of human perfection.


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