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About Professor X

By Chad Derdowski     -
Source: Professor Xavier at marvel.com


Professor Charles Xavier is the founder of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning which aids mutants in the mastery of their powers. He is also the leader of the X-Men and a unflappable advocate for mutant rights.


Professor X was created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in X-Men #1 (1963). Since that time he has led the team, though confined to a wheelchair due to a spinal injury. The dream that Professor X fights for is that one day humans and mutants can live side by side peacefully. Professor X has appeared in every animated incarnation of the X-Men, as well as in the live-action film franchise where he was portrayed by Patrick Stewart.


Charles Francis Xavier is the son of prominent nuclear scientist Brian Xavier and his wife Sharon. When Charles was young, his father died and Sharon remarried Brian's colleague, Kurt Marko. Marko brought along with him his son Cain, an abused and neglected child who found solace in bullying Charles. Cain would later grow up to become the super villain Juggernaut. Charles, bald by the time he reached high school, entered New York's Bard College at the age of 16 and received his bachelor's degree in biology within two years. He later attended Oxford, where he earned degrees in genetics and biophysics. Charles entered the military and when his service was up, traveled the world. In Cairo, Egypt, he encountered an evil mutant telepath named Amahl Farouk, a life-altering experience that led to his decision to protect humanity and mutants from evil mutants such as this.


Charles later traveled to Israel where he befriended Erik Magnus Lehnsherr. The two shared many a discussion in the fields of genetics and philosophy, but could not see eye to eye. Lehnsherr later became the mutant terrorist known as Magneto. On route to the United States, Xavier encountered the alien menace known as Lucifer and lost the use of his legs. Upon returning to the states, Charles renewed his research at Columbia University, where he received a Ph.D. in anthropology and then moved to London to earn an M.D. in psychiatry. Finally, he returned to America and founded his school for mutants. His first class became the X-Men, dedicated to protecting earth from mutants who would use their powers for evil. Over the years, Charles Xavier has seen many mutants come and go. He has been cloned, gained the use of his legs and lost it again. He has left the planet to live in outer space with his Shi'ar lover Lilandra and returned to earth to lead the X-Men. He has lost and regained his mutant powers and trained subsequent teams of young mutants to carry on his legacy and work toward the fulfillment of his dream. He also revealed to the public that he is a mutant and has worked tirelessly for mutant rights. In recent years, certain revelations regarding X-Men who perished in battle and shady tactics employed by Xavier have led to a falling out between him and the X-Men. It would seem that Xavier's dream is not always so bright and shiny... but he remains devoted to it and to his X-Men, whether they want his help or not.


Charles Xavier is the world's most powerful telepath. He possesses the ability to read minds, control them and project his thoughts into other people's minds. He can create illusions, make himself appear invisible and induce amnesia or paralysis. Xavier is also able to project bolts of psionic force, rendering a victim stunned and even knocked out. He is a leading authority on genetics and other life sciences, and has extensive knowledge of computers and technology, including the alien Shi'ar technology.


Charles Xavier does not usually see much combat and as such has no need for weaponry. He is confined to a wheelchair due to a spinal injury.


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